Anyone shocked that Margolis is a Truther?

I mean, come on…the only thing that would be surprising to me is that there wasn’t at least a half-dozen more MSM columnists who espouse this loony theory. (see here)

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  1. fred Says:

    He has been a nutter far longer than he has been a truther.

    Either way he’s a waste of oxygen.

  2. Patrick Ross Says:

    I admit to some shock.

  3. john Says:

    When Bin laden’s first videtape was discovered shortly after the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan this nut wrote a column about how the video was a CIA forgery.

    I see….. the CIA was clever enough to make a forged video of Bin Laden but not clever enough to fool him. —- right.

  4. john Says:

    How many other MSM journalists are complete liars?

  5. Surecure Says:

    After hearing him talk about Omar Khadr as if there’s no evidence he ever was in the vicinity of any terrorist actions… when we’ve all seen pictures of him working on IED’s, standing near an AK-47, carrying body parts… yeah. He’s deluded alright.

    • BC Blue Says:

      27 years of spreading his delusions in a legitimate media source until finally Keneycke ended it.

    • Livinius Nwambe Says:

      In fairness, the legal system doesn’t take into account circumstantial evidence. Khadr was also a child soldier at the time of the incident, which makes his arrest illegal according to the Geneva Convention. He was also shot in the back, which implies that he was no longer able to carry out any aggressive actions, defensive or otherwise, when he was shot.

      If you’d like to believe that Khadr is guilty based on the pictures that have been taken, I’d be happy to entrap you in some compromising positions, take pictures, and use that to incriminate and arrest you in a court of military law.

      I apologize if my comments seem a little harsh, I just find it strange that every other western country has been able to deal with its cases just fine, but we don’t have the guts to stand up and take Khadr back to deal with him on our own legal terms.

      Oh wait, I forgot. This country doesn’t care where you are, it won’t help you if you leave its boundaries… Unless you happen to have a certain set of characteristics (See: Brenda Martin, et al)

      • Surecure Says:

        Ah, yes. Circumstantial evidence. I remember the circumstances when I was a kid and smiled as I carried around a severed foot.


        I also love how we constantly hear the back and forth roundabout argument of, (a) he wasn’t involved; to, (b) he was a child soldier; and back to (a). But my point wasn’t about the guilt or innocence of Omar Khadr but rather Margolis’ asinine suggestion that the Khadr’s had no connection to insurgency activities at all.

        It’s as if somebody kidnapped them in Canada, flew them to Afghanistan, stuck them with insurgents, trained Omar to be a fantastic actor able to express joy and excitement at building IED’s and carrying down the street the body parts of people killed by the insurgents, forced them to stay in insurgent hideouts and then got involved in a firefight where members of the Khadr family engaged soldiers.

        Margolis suggested that the Khadr’s were virginal white when there was overwhelming evidence otherwise. But he can believe that the US government pulled off the most intricate conspiracy involving every level of government, engineers, military personnel, corporate interests… without a single shred of hard evidence coming to light?

        I’m sorry. I’m not an ostrich.

  6. Livinius Nwambe Says:

    I’m more fascinated by the fact that there is a movement that entirely denies that 9/11 was anything but a government conspiracy. Look at our own government, mired in Afghanistan, and they can’t even handle the Air India inquiry – How anyone can assume a government to be so capable as to pull off one of the single largest terrorist attacks in Western history is beyond me.

    I hate to generalize, but this is the kind of thing that’s pushing people away from print media – These ridiculous views inspire politically critical thinkers to shy away and find auxiliary outlets where discussion and rational argument shape political considerations rather than who has the most extreme viewpoint (and thus the loudest voice)

  7. john Says:

    Why was Margolis fired? Official version first, please – THEN truth.

  8. Honey Pot Says:

    That explains why he got his ass kicked to the curb. I thought he was just a traitor, to have him admit he is a truther explains his following on the left. Don’t kid yourself, there are many on the left, who are sitting in our government who are also truthers.

  9. Kursk Says:

    Livinius; I think you had better check the definition of a child soldier under the Geneva convention…I will help you..someone is considered a child soldier who has not yet reached the age of 15 ( 14 and under)

    How old was Khadr?

    1) One of those damning pictures you think are fake was actually secured from a family member in the course of an investigation not directly related to Omar ( the hands and feet)

    2) Only one of the bullets fired into Khadr hit him in the back; he was lying on his stomach in the rubble and was actually shot from the front, with the bullet traveling downwards,hitting him in the upper back. He was also wounded with grenade splinters, many of which he will carry for the rest of his life.

    I think Khadr should be brought home to a body bag, so that his corpse can be propped up on a streetcorner as a warning for others who wish to harm us.

    I have no sympathy for this murderous dolt, nor his family. Long drops on short ropes for them all…

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