Avaaz laughingly wants police investigation

Take a big guess who is reporting that Avaaz is seeking a police investigation into who used phony names to sign-up on their anti-Sun TV petition.

Check out the childish press release Ricken Patel put out here.

“This is how big corporate power tries to silence people’s voices, with smear campaigns and expensive lawyers”

6 Responses to “Avaaz laughingly wants police investigation”

  1. Cranky or Just a Crank Says:

    Just when you thought that the collection of ******* mobbed up with Avaaz couldn’t get worse, out from the woodwork scuttles Clayton Ruby.

  2. MariaS Says:

    crazy nuts. I received a couple of things in my inbox but just glanced through them…. one is about getting some $30,000 in donations in less than a few weeks,etc.etc. because people are with them blah blah blah. Only the nuttier Atwood and the nuttiest Canadians can believe their nonsense.

  3. beacher 1 Says:

    Don’t worry Ms.O’Malley says this sure could get interesting….why is she constantly a mouthpiece for left causes but not a “reporter’? Isn’t that her job title?

  4. Surecure Says:

    Hmm… expensive lawyers to shut people up online.

    In the Blogosphere I believe we call that a “Warren Kinsella”.

  5. Fay Says:

    It appears she was hired by tax payer CBC to defeat the Conservative government. Kady O’Malley… move to Cuba.

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