CBC makes huge stretch with NRA/Long-Gun Registry “story”

The CBC uses a quote from 2001 by a Canadian gun lobby group executive and an infomercial made in 2000 by the National Rifle Association as some sort of nefarious scheme of bad Americans involving themselves in a Canadian issue.

There’s no way that the CBC is using those lame examples and a visit to Canada 10 years ago by Charlton Heston to try and influence the upcoming vote on the Long-Gun Registry right? (see story here)

Funny how this has the CBC all freaked out but not a peep was heard (except in defense) when there were American’s trying to censor Sun TV.

Update: Brian Lilley makes fun of the CBC about this 10 year old item and the torqued way they did it and that they have “reported” on this before (see here)

Update: Michael Petrou heaps more scorn on the CBC here and the Maclean Liberal commentators aren’t happy as they are too used to Wherry and Potter now to have to deal with any critical thinking

Update: Andrew Coyne pushes a quote from David McGuinty praising Democratic Nancy Pelosi’s influencing Canadian politics back in his face here

27 Responses to “CBC makes huge stretch with NRA/Long-Gun Registry “story””

  1. old white guy Says:

    paying attention to anything the cbc has to say is a total waste of time.

    • Jen Says:

      that is why I watch FOX MEDIA- they have spoken about the prime minister and the stability of our banks. If any seriousness re to our country; I will sooner hear it on FOX than our very own media.

  2. Carolyn Gardner Says:

    Yes, sadly I watched the cbc national last night to see what the left is bitching about these days and it just seems to me that cbc makes up its own news.. anything to smear what the political right view as important. Quite disgusting.

    • Jen Says:

      Exactly like Hugo Chavez media but here is the Carolyn, the venezuelans had a very democratic media that spoke for the public. Hugo decided to disband that media. Sounds familiar here.
      The difference between us and the venezuelans is that at least they had a democratic media before Hugo decided to shut it down- Naturally when the venezuelans hear Hugo’s demand and his daily pretense of how much he is concern for the public- the public know that he is lying.

      Unfortunately, we don’t have a democratic national media to speak for canada. What we have are medias that focus and promote the opposition parties and everything that comes with them.
      Why do you think that CBC CTV and others are making a mockery of the SUNTV and want nothing of it.
      Any media that does an excellent job or thinks it is doing a job should not waver in fright over an another media.

  3. cantuc Says:

    The cbc at least allows opposing comments about the gun registry . Ctv.ca does not . Or maybe my ip adress is blackballed from ctv . I tried 4 different e-mail adresses and names , even my actual , and still no post. The cbc is still full of crap , but at least you can put up an arguement on their site .

    • Jen Says:

      Maybe Cantuc, it is because you live in a section where only CBC is seen.

      Look a guy from Northern Alberta( can’t remeber the place) phoned in to David Rutherford show a few months back he told David, that he only gets CBC -not that he only watches CBC; is because, no other source of television news stations are available there. David was surprised and was I.

      This is the beauty for when only one station is advailable, it can manipulate the public- particularly CBC.
      When something bothers you which you cant get answer s from- write to David -he will gladly help.

      • cantuc Says:

        no , i can get any channel or station i want . thats not the point . the point i was trying to make is that ctv wil allow an post that agrrees with them and filters ones that don’t . The cbc allows almost any , as long as you are literate and not going to get them sued , or being overly abusive to another poster . I’m no fan of either but thats another issue. Rutheerfodrd aisn’t bad , but he can be sidetracked . He’s missed a few chances to hang people on their own words .

  4. Issachar Says:

    LOL! The NRA being behind our gun owners groups seems about as likely as Rush Limbaugh being behind Sweden’s Social Democratic party because they’re not as bad as a communist party. Ridiculous.

    Our gun owners groups support restrictions on firearms ownership and use that the NRA would consider secular blasphemy.

    Of course it’s always easier in Canada to win a debate against the NRA than against actual Canadian gun owners groups. Pathetic…

  5. Jen Says:

    Here is a question which the CBC CTV dare not ask and which we all should know:

    How much did the liberals contribute to paying down the national debt during their thireeten or fifteen years in government?

  6. relayer Says:

    It’s way past time to de-fund the CBC. Make them beg for $ on air like PBS. They’d be off the air in a month. That or we could take the Ezra approach: Fire. Them. All.

  7. real conservative Says:

    Commies like the idea of a populace with no guns because when they will be the only ones that own them when it is all over. They can’t dominate you until they can physically harm you.

  8. syncrodox Says:

    It seems that Avaaz.org has either dumped the “Save the CBC” petition or amalgamated it into their “Stop Fox News North” petition.

    All the links that I can find that went to the former now go to the latter. Odd that but I suppose they both really are the same thing in the end with the added bonus of probable deniability for the likes of Kady and Co.

  9. machaivelli Says:

    If Canada had a legitimate, small-c fiscal conservative Prime Minister and/or Heritage Minister, they would eradicate the far-left bias, extremely unbalanced CBC TV, and its equally pathetically hopeless radio network. This billion dollar a year
    embarrassment and humiliation serves as the Canadian left’s “Ministry of Popular Enlightenment and Propaganda” with its own Canadian style Goebbels.

    The massively overfunded government network dislocates the free market with unfair competition by squandering its multi-billions of tax dollars without being compelled to produce a product that customers will pay to watch. If the far-left, bias, unfair and unbalanced CBC didn’t have $1.2 of tax dollars to squander it wouldn’t even have the pathetically low rating that it currently ensnares.

    In an age of numerous Canadian television and radio networks, satellite networks, and the internet, there is no longer any necessity for a government-owned, and tax payers paid for, TV and/or radio network especially one ran by left-wing affirmative action bimbos and watched/ listened to mostly by the far-left, but paid for my people who actually work for a living and pay taxes.

    If Harper was a genuine small-c fiscal conservative he would immediately begin to eradicate the deficit/debt by shifting this embarrassment to a private pay for view station, sell the complete far-left bias CBC with its pretensions of objectivity, and force the bimbos to get a real job, or simply shut down this bimbo-driven humiliation to humanity.

  10. Livinius Nwambe Says:

    “How much did the liberals contribute to paying down the national debt during their thireeten or fifteen years in government?”

    You may want to speak with Paul Martin on that issue, and if you’re not convinced, I suggest you speak to Mr. Mulroney, who incurred the majority of it.

    As far as the long-gun registry goes, while I am against scaremongering reporting, there is a salient fact in the arguments both for and against this issue. The Canadian Association of Emergency Room Physicians noted that more than 1 in 4 gun-related deaths were caused by rifles or shotguns. I understand that long-gun owners are by and large a law-abiding bunch, but to give them carte blanche when a clear proportion of deaths were caused by long-guns seems myopic at best.

    If there are arguments to this, I would very much like to hear them – I have made a decision, but I’d like to think that being well-informed is more important than making a decision.

    • BC Blue Says:

      How does that stat relate in any way to the registry?

    • Fred from BC Says:

      Livinius Nwambe Says:

      “How much did the liberals contribute to paying down the national debt during their thireeten or fifteen years in government?”

      You may want to speak with Paul Martin on that issue, and if you’re not convinced, I suggest you speak to Mr. Mulroney, who incurred the majority of it.

      You must mean Mr. Trudeau, right? Because it was his debt (thanks to his allowing the NDP to write his budgets in return for keeping his minority government alive) that got us into the mess we are in today. Brian Mulroney inherited this debt, along with record high interest rates, and had no choice but to go even further into debt to prevent total financial collapse.

      If there are arguments to this, I would very much like to hear them – I have made a decision, but I’d like to think that being well-informed is more important than making a decision.

      The arguments have been out there for years, and can be found everywhere. You can start with the simplest ones: that the gun registry has never prevented a single murder, nor has it ever been used to solve one. Criminals, you see, don’t register their guns (and prefer handguns anyway)…

      • Jen Says:

        Very true that it was Trudeau who left Mulroney with a huge debt -debt accumaleted by him due to his ski trips overseas every year -not once did he give money to the military in fact he ran deficits every; part or half of Canada’s national debt is Trudeau’s but don’t let the media or the liberals tell you that as you how they like to brag a lot but strange, not in this case.
        Like the liberals like to say in their own words “the reason why we have to make serious cuts; is because Mulroney left us with a huge debt.” And instead of the good for nothing media remind the liberals of the truth brhind Mulroney debt; they let it slide.
        According to the national post a while back, they found out that the liberals only contributed $4billion every year towards paying down CANADA’S debt-yet again no word from the national media.
        You are correct: Mulroney inherited LIBERAL TRUDEAU’S huge debt.

      • Issachar Says:

        Not to rain on the parade of “Mulroney had no choices after Trudeau”, but Margaret Thatcher inherited a far, far worse situation when she took power after the labour party. Despite dealing with a worse situation in the same period as Mr. Mulroney she was far more successful. Mr. Mulroney inherited a bad situation, but he chose actions which made the problem worse.

        Mr. Mulroney’s words to John Turner seem to be just as true when applied to Mr. Mulroney himself:

        “You had an option, sir”

    • Issachar Says:

      I agree that having a carte blanche for the owners of rifles and shotguns is a bad idea.

      Fortunately, taking *unrestricted* long guns out of the registry, (which is what the bill is going to do), doesn’t give them a carte blanche at all. Long gun owners must still be properly trained, guns must still be properly stored and people wanting to buy a rifle must still get a valid Firearms Acquisition Certificate (FAC). This is sensible gun control and Canada’s gun owners are in favour of sensible gun control.

  11. Livinius Nwambe Says:

    First, BC Blue, I intended the stat to relate to the registry to give context as to why the registry would be important. How else to give importance to the registry than to point out the crimes committed with the very weapons it seeks to regulate. Where better to get it from than the doctors who deal with bullets on a regular basis.

    Insofar as the registry hasn’t prevented or solved a single murder, that’s a straw-man argument, akin to saying that your buying an umbrella hasn’t stopped it from raining. The recently-released RCMP report points out that between 2003 and 2008, there were 152 homicides committed in Canada with long guns where the registration status of the weapon was known. Fully 35% of the long guns in question were, in fact, registered.

    One can clearly say that the registry has, in fact, solved crime.

    While criminals may not register their guns, it is impossible to deny the role that stolen legal firearms play in the commission of crimes and assaults. Allow me to play devil’s advocate: Since gun owners are reasonable, sensible and RESPONSIBLE people, I propose we take that argument to its logical ending in terms of personal responsibility: Guns will not be required to be registered, but gun owners will be jailed if they allow their weapons to be stolen.

    Jen: So you’re arguing that Trudeau created the cornerstone of Canada’s debt, which Mulroney was forced to pay off? How to explain the rise in the debt-to-GDP ratio from 15% prior to his tenure to 50% upon his exit from office?
    Much as I appreciate the argument, I won’t be swayed in the idea that Mulroney was a horrible PM whose actions outside of power remain a blot on the reputation of that office. Like your opinion, I’m entitled to mine, so instead, let’s discuss the gun registry, shall we?

  12. Issachar Says:

    >> Guns will not be required to be registered, but gun owners will be jailed if they allow their weapons to be stolen.

    Comments like yours are why gun owners don’t trust the registry promoters one iota. They see gun owners as the enemy. Perhaps you meant to be sarcastic, but I’ve read similar comments from people who are quite serious.

  13. Livinius Nwambe Says:

    I think you missed the point where I said “Allow me to play devil’s advocate:”

    Gun owners place a tremendous value on personal responsibility – I simply wanted to take that to its logical end – If gun owners are as responsible as the publicity claims them to be, then should there be a problem with carrying that responsibility to the end of the argument?

    As far as BCBLue, I don’t think he could divine the gist of an argument or recognize sarcasm if it jumped out of a birthday cake, half-dressed toting an M16 and a naked picture of Sarah Palin. I’m quite done with this blog, for the simple fact that if IQ were gasoline, the author of this blog wouldn’t have enough to run a motorcycle around the inside of a Cheerio.

    • BC Blue Says:

      I also have the Sun papers read to me

    • Issachar Says:

      Somehow I did miss that. Funny. I read your whole comment and I still missed it. Bad move Issachar.

      Still, if I were you, I’d avoid playing the devil’s advocate that way. It doesn’t actually help the discussion.

      It does not logically follow from being a responsible gun owner that you should be responsible for what people do with your gun if they steal it. One is responsible for safe use and storage, but no amount of responsibility can prevent all negatives outcomes. Should a restaurant be held liable if someone steals a knife from the kitchen and stabs their date in the restaurant? Even though patrons should be kept out of the kitchen, the answer is of course not. It simply does not follow logically, but there is a significant group of people in this country that does see all gun owners as the enemy.

      Pet peeve: Why don’t people use the threaded reply links?

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