Campbell snookers HST foes and paves way for his exit

Liberal Gordon Campbell threw a curve ball at the anti-HST crowd who ended up whiffing for strike one.

OK, no more baseball analogies for awhile…

Campbell made it next to impossible for any successful recall campaigns by promising to have a referendum on the HST late next year.

Not that he cares one bit about what this delay will do to the BC economy. How is it possible to have a vote on a tax a year and a half after it’s been in effect one might wonder?

Campbell doesn’t give a rat’s patootie as he’s just going to spend a tonne of ad money trying to convince BC’ers to, at minimum see how expensive it would be to scrap it. Watch as he travels the province doling out money for his legacy projects over the next year and then exiting to sit on some corporate boards citing family reasons.

Check out Michael Smyth’s column on it here

The powerful Liberal media in Canada wins again

With the resignation of Kory Teneycke from Quebecor Media it shows just how hard it is to break the stranglehold that the Left has on Canada’s media.

Cue the gloating:

John Geddes from MacLeans here

Kady O’Malley from CBC here

Paul Wells from MacLeans here

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