The powerful Liberal media in Canada wins again

With the resignation of Kory Teneycke from Quebecor Media it shows just how hard it is to break the stranglehold that the Left has on Canada’s media.

Cue the gloating:

John Geddes from MacLeans here

Kady O’Malley from CBC here

Paul Wells from MacLeans here


17 Responses to “The powerful Liberal media in Canada wins again”

  1. wilson Says:

    They may have won this battle,
    but they have not won the war.

  2. Fay Says:

    Not just gloating but also a lot of HATE. Very scary. CBC and Macleans working with Avaaz[ George Soros].
    If you are not from Toronto or Montreal you are not welcome. Emily right on cue… mocking Saskatchewan. Sad.
    I wonder how Paul Wells can sleep at night?

    • BC Blue Says:

      Arrogance is the ultimate sleep-aid

    • Jen Says:

      Hot shot CBC is now SOROS’S whipping boy and all that work for or in CBC. Marching orders to SOROS’ command begins the moment CBC signed over.

      In regards to Sun TV, the battle is on,

      No scrary soros medias in canada are going to give orders to us canadians-

  3. MariaS Says:

    Kory might be angling to get into the corridors of the Tory govt again. I think it’s a good move, we need more people like him in the govt then in the media. Someone else will take up the mantle at SunTV…. he has already paved the way. There are strong media experienced people like Michael Coren, Ezra Levant and many many others who can contribute to the new incoming Conservative medium.

    At least I hope, the above reason is why Kory has resigned. Time will tell.

  4. Issachar Says:

    I don’t see how this means a victory for anti-SunTV people. They’re trying to stop the station from getting a license. Trading Mr. Teneycke for someone else hardly achieves that. If anything it makes it a lot hard to argue convincingly that the PMO is pulling giving SunTV marching orders.

  5. Fay Says:

    Charles Adler hired by Sun TV. Quick someone tell Emily he was born and raised in Montreal before she starts slamming manitoba.

  6. byng Says:

    and powerful it truly is – how such a vast left wing propaganda machine can be dismantled is more the point. In Sweden, the various political sides enjoy far more press freedom – perhaps we should move to the left here on this issue, to usurp the evil doers ?

  7. Luke Says:

    I love Kory, but now that I think about it, I think Quebecor Inc. made a mistake by making him the front man from the beginning. I certainly think he should’ve been involved in developing the project, but it terms of the project’s public face, I think Quebecor should’ve picked someone else from the outset.

    That said, the fact it was Kory heading the project gave me more hope for it to actually be an alternative to the current left-leaning incumbents, relative to if someone else had taken the lead.

    I guess to an extent just that thinking highlights the partisanship thats been involved in this debate.

  8. Mary T Says:

    Any by-elections coming up that he could run in, just wondering.

  9. beacher 1 Says:

    Would love it if Kory ran in a by-election!!

  10. Mary T Says:

    And there is an Ontario Senate seat available in Nov, and Dec.
    If Kory got one of those seats listen to the crying.
    But, as we will still be govt then, that is two lost opportunities for those cbc hopefuls. And a new GG in Oct.
    Regardless, Kory will be heard from again and the revenge will be worth waiting for.

  11. Sean M Says:

    The leftist jackboot has fallen, right on Kory’s throat. The hate and intolerance coming from the left is astonishing. I have a special ingredient for Wells beer, it begins with a U.

    • Jen Says:

      Sean,-“The leftist jackboot has fallen,”

      Soros has them right where he wants them-no surprise here since we have been watching them fall slowly-

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