Accusations from media against Teneycke walk-the-line of libel

I’ve noticed three journalists playing the game of not quite fully accusing Kory Teneycke of being the source of signing up phony names on the US-based Avaaz petition which is calling for the ban of Sun TV.

None have the fortitude to actually make that claim but have no problem throwing it out there:

Don Martin here

“Mr. Teneycke had publicly identified some of the fake signatures that came from the same Ottawa Internet address, even though the list wasn’t public. When that was pointed out, Mr. Teneycke cited an unnamed source for his information. Very strange. Somewhat suspicious”

Stephen Maher here

“But the prospect of a police investigation may have led to Teneycke’s departure”

Chris Selley here

“I’m not saying Mr. Teneycke was behind it”

All three cite their little heroine Kady O’Malley for “breaking” this story and Maher goes so far with his crush that it makes you want to throw up by writing “who decided to stick her adorable nose into the story and went hunting for the list of names”

A little advice for these three “men” would be to grow a pair and stop hiding behind skirts.

CBC runs phony story about deported Somalian

Tom Brodbeck writes about how the CBC was conned by career criminal and finally deported Somalian, Mohamed Said Jama here.

Another good reason why all stories should be accredited.

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