In case you were wondering where Margolis ended up

You know you’ve arrived when this newspaper likes your stuff.

Ian Capstick outs John Baird

Ian Capstick’s blog post titled “John Baird is really gay” writes:

“Right off the top, this will make a whole lot more sense if you know that John Baird is a homosexual.” see here

Curious if Capstick will out any others on Parliament Hill?

Idiotic columns of the day

The Toronto Star is in fine form today:

Thomas Walkom is upset that John Baird used an American political reference “elite” to describe Layton and Iffy but has no issue with calling US conservatives “nuts” and the “lunatic right”

Haroon Siddiqui compares PM Stephen Harper to the Nizam of Hyderabad:

“King Stephen wants his orders obeyed. Those who don’t are fired, transferred or demonized. Or they quit.”

Siddiqui sickly blames Harper for the death of one person:

“Remy Beauregard, head of Rights and Democracy, who died of a heart attack after being hounded into line.”

James Travers continues the bizarre comparison of the Conservative Party’s low numbers 5 years ago under Harper to Iffy’s and the Liberal Party’s low numbers now.

“As autumn 2005 approached, Conservatives trailed badly in opinion polls and Harper was coming off a summer tour remembered for a cowboy outfit weirdly reminiscent of the Village People”

Problem with this grasping-at-straws kind of hope is that one of those two leaders actually had a clue on how to get a political party organized.

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