Ian Capstick outs John Baird

Ian Capstick’s blog post titled “John Baird is really gay” writes:

“Right off the top, this will make a whole lot more sense if you know that John Baird is a homosexual.” see here

Curious if Capstick will out any others on Parliament Hill?


23 Responses to “Ian Capstick outs John Baird”

  1. Joanne (BLY) Says:

    Capstick feels the need to hit you with a sledgehammer in case you didn’t quite pick up on the thinly-veiled nuance in the Ottawa Rag.

  2. JDot Says:

    Disgusting. Baird rocks…

    • Jen Says:

      Guess what? his rival is whiner Mcguinty. “Mr Speaker! Mr. Speaker! look what conservative said to me, boo hooo.”

      • JDot Says:

        Rusty will eat Mcguinty’s lunch, and make Davy do the dishes. It is laughable that Davy is even mentioned in the same breath as John when it comes to parliamentarians.

        This is such a miss match, I would not be surprised if Ralph is not really pulling the strings behind the scenes.

  3. byng Says:

    puking is the reaction that resonates here – when the so-called journalists and the so-called MSM come together, there is a really rib-tickling result. Because they fear him, they will crucify him, but the rest of us love Mr. Baird, and encourage him to keep hitting them where it hurts. Next, one supposes, they will accuse Laureen Harper of trying to convert one to “our side”

  4. Adrian Says:

    Baird was “outed” a year ago, and even then it was open knowledge.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Yup, years ago really…

      • Sandy Says:

        Actually, it was common knowledge when I worked for a Harris MPP and Baird was a Cabinet Minister — back in 1995. I mean, everyone knew and no one cared. So, how is it news now? Funny where the real bigotry lies, eh and its not with conservatives. As JDot said, Baird rocks!

  5. Jan Says:

    If Baird wasn’t gay, wouldn’t it look bad to be openly dating Laureen.

  6. Rose Says:

    Cool the gay community could use a tough guy to enhance it’s image, go Baird gooooooo.

  7. Darrell Says:

    Why do Gay lefties shovel it in your face, but Gay conservatives are regular people? Gay conservatives are much more fun to hang with.

  8. DWT Says:

    Curious if Capstick will out any others on Parliament Hill?

    Well, no one seemed to be able to write anything about Bill Graham, so I am guessing Baird will be the only one. Unless, of course, there are other Conservatives that require “outing”.

  9. linda Says:

    I met John Baird about 15 years ago and knew them he was gay. Big Deal, Who cares.
    I like the man. He is funny, can talk sense and is quite personable.
    I am not some young yuppy who goes with what is cool or trendy.
    I am a small town grandmother who would be happy to sit down and talk with him.
    In fact I have and enjoyed the experience.
    I could care less your religion, colour, sexual preference or even your politics.
    Just glad that John in Conservative.

  10. Soccermom Says:

    Who cares? And why is an NDPer making noise about this? If a conservative said something like that, he’d be strung up and quartered by now.

  11. Martin Says:

    To paraphrase Joseph Welsh, which I am sure Dipstick and his liberal friends are thoroughly familar with:

    “Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency”?

  12. Fay Says:

    Agree Darrell. Gay conservatives are regular patriotic Canadians. Gay liberals and NDP’s MP’s love to play the oppressed victim.
    John Baird works hard to serve Canadians, he does Canadians proud.
    Grow up Ian Capstick and all Manitobans know Glen Murray will never grow up. Ontario is welcome to him.

  13. shawndearn Says:

    What I find most strange about all this reaction is how folks are making this so personal.

    Recap the facts: It was Glen Murray who brought up Mr. Baird’s sexuality in the context of the long-gun registry debate in his “subtle” tweet. The Ottawa Citizen felt it newsworthy enough to write a prominently-placed article about it. The Citizen failed on several journalistic levels (hell, they didn’t even get the story right). Ian didn’t “out” John Baird, Glen Murray did (and at least two others before him).

    Ian’s post is a correction of facts and a condemnation of shoddy journalism. It’s disappointing to again see potentially informative debate spiral immediately into name calling and blind partisanship. The last time I checked, the truth mattered.

  14. Soccermom Says:

    Capstick is just hoping to get a rise out of social conservatives….he is gay himself, isn’t he?

  15. old white guy Says:

    this sort of crap is just one more reason why canadian politics is so damn boring.

  16. TangoJuliette Says:

    The tragic plight of the self-hating gays who use “outing” as a club against their opponents.

    BTW & for what it’s worth: anybody know anything about any “skeletons” in closets of, oh, let’s see. . . .say, Smitherman, or any McGuinty?

    AND: if affirmative in any, either, or both cases – Mssrs. Capstick, Murray et al, who do you think actually gives a tinker’s toot?

    Is he outing somehow an outcropping of a “hit / pass” rebuffed? A sordid triangle, perhaps? Political jealousy? A lovers’ spat?

    Dinna care one whit. I glom onto “As The World Turns.”


  17. fern st albert Says:

    Is this news? There are gay men and women in every walk of life (including the miiltary). Is it impossible for a gay to be Conservative or pro-life? Methinks this was mischief and guess what, no one cares – take that Mr. Sly Cat. Cheers.

  18. George Says:

    Capstick outing someone else? He should come forward himself first. And I don’t even care if Baird is gay.
    I heard Capstcik use the term “blowback” (unintended consequences of a military or political action) on a recent installment of CBC’s Power & Politics. My Goodness! It’s like hearing a Muppet use the F*word. What a weird little man…

  19. Ann Strickland-Clark Says:

    It’s not whether anyone is gay or not: the issue is whether they, being gay themselves, make fun of or disparage other people who are gay, or are dismayed if their hiding in the closet is revealed. THAT’S what the Conservatives are good at.

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