NDP numbers in free-fall

The NDP are at a year-long low of 14% nationally and their stance on the Long-Gun Registry is to blame. That’s nearly a drop of 33% from early this year. (see here)

Love to see what the numbers are like in the NDP held ridings where the MP flip-flopped on their votes.

Update: A poll done by Ipso Reid shows a massive drop to 12% here

Media finally starting to dig into Avaaz’s 3rd Party election spending

Kevin Libin of the National Post does a very nice expose on the political activities of Avaaz in Canada here.

Libin lays out that Avaaz is either a foreign entity illegally interfering in Canadian politics or an unregistered lobbyist breaking laws.

Check out Avaaz’s 3rd Party Election Advertising Report here that only lists 25 Canadian donours adding up to $9,931.80 and then compare it to the advertising spent during that election. For example, the Chronicle Herald alone received $10,083.34 for ads.

Who were these missing donours and why didn’t Elections Canada bother asking?

Also: Keep in mind that Kady O’Malley had this information and did nothing with it except mock the Conservatives here

Video: NDP MP Peter “Faker” Stoffer’s amazing Registry flip-flop

Apparently for 12 1/2 years the people in Stoffer’s riding opposed the Long-Gun Registry until all-of-sudden in just one weekend, the majority changed their minds. (see here)

Anyone wanna bet he won’t be running in the next election?

Update: Check out how Stoffer arrived at his 62% here

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