NDP numbers in free-fall

The NDP are at a year-long low of 14% nationally and their stance on the Long-Gun Registry is to blame. That’s nearly a drop of 33% from early this year. (see here)

Love to see what the numbers are like in the NDP held ridings where the MP flip-flopped on their votes.

Update: A poll done by Ipso Reid shows a massive drop to 12% here

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  1. don muntean Says:

    My prayers are that the NDP drops to 5% – with a resultant 50% reduction to the seats that they currently have in the House. People look at Saskatchewan as the great bastion of the NDP and yet – there are no NDP members of Parliament from Saskatchewan.

  2. Bec Says:

    It would appear that the Liberal gain is the NDP loss and that the Conservatives are relatively stable.

    I can’t see how the LGR vote is going to help matters. This makes no sense unless the Dippers had determined their loss was urban and attributable to their unwhipped voting position?.

    So they gain their urban back but lose their rural?

    I guess Jack is more valuable than Charlie?

    • BC Blue Says:

      Darn tooting Jack thinks his seat is more valuable…he has always sacrificed the rural for the urban but Stoffer and the gang are just figuring it out now.

  3. Richard Says:

    We need strong NDP support to erode the Liberals. With the NDP at 5% we have strong chance of a Librano style government again.

  4. real conservative Says:

    The vote on Wednesday will go through and the NDP will aid it. The NDP has no choice now, better to lose on this and hope to fight another day. Masterfully played by the PM and staff I’d say. A victory after several defeats in minor scuttles, but in life you have to pick your battles carefully and win what matters most.

  5. cantuc Says:

    When you think that if Layton would have gone with Harper discontinuing the $i.75 per vote it would have pretty much wiped out the liberals ability to put fuel in their bogus bus tour , now he’s being played like a puppet . Instead jack thouught he was going to be in some third world co-alition government . .

  6. Rose Says:

    I heard on the radio that a local poll in NS stated that 60 percent of those polled wanted the gun registry repealed of those voters 30 percent wanted the registry to stay. Apparently those numbers were NDP voters polled in the past couple of days, no idea who did the poll thou.

  7. Issachar Says:

    I’ll say this for Mr. Layton’s stance on the gun registry; it was better than Mr. Ignatieff’s.

    Mr. Layton likes the registry, but knows that a lot of people (including some NDP MP’s and their constituents) don’t like it at all. He let his MP’s vote as they wished on the subject and didn’t override their opinions or their constituents opinions with a whip.

    My Ignatieff isn’t stupid or ignorant, so he also knows that many Canadians, Liberal MP’s and constituents in Liberal represented ridings oppose the registry. And he overrode all their objections and whipped his MP’s into line.

    And Canadians are apparently punishing the NDP, but not the Liberals. Apparently we’re actually in favour of controlling party leaders.

  8. Mary T Says:

    As I have said other places, the first murder of a spouse, or suicide after the registry is saved we can ask the opposition, how could this have happened, you said all these would be prevented with the registry. Every person killed for whatever reason can be blamed on the opposition. Will we blame the chiefs of police for not having their officers know about those guns. Too busy checking speeders, broken tail lights to see if there are guns in those cars.

  9. NDP in free-fall but CBC’s pollster Frank Graves sees loss for Cons « BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all… Says:

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