Video: NDP MP Peter “Faker” Stoffer’s amazing Registry flip-flop

Apparently for 12 1/2 years the people in Stoffer’s riding opposed the Long-Gun Registry until all-of-sudden in just one weekend, the majority changed their minds. (see here)

Anyone wanna bet he won’t be running in the next election?

Update: Check out how Stoffer arrived at his 62% here

13 Responses to “Video: NDP MP Peter “Faker” Stoffer’s amazing Registry flip-flop”

  1. wilson Says:

    I was thinkin’ Stoffer was till the soil for a cabinet seat in Iffy’s coalition of losers govt.

  2. Lycan Says:

    Well, NDP hypocrisy quite literally speaks for itself.

    You expect us to believe that half a dozen NDP rural MPs, some of whom have held anti-registry sentiments for years, have all of sudden, in the span of mere weeks, changed absolutley everything they believed in regard to this issue because of their “constituents wishes”; that it had nothing to do with partisan party politics?

    My my, how convenient. What a load of BS.

  3. linda Says:

    they figure when Iggy is gone boob rae will be leader and they can all switch and become libdips or diplibs.

    Layton is whipping the party to vote but he sure is taking them out to the woodshed for a talk.

  4. cantuc Says:

    Stoffer is toeing the co-alition line .

  5. Jen Says:

    Stoffer was heeding to Socialist commie Layton’s agenda.
    NDPers are afraid of LAYTON.

  6. machaivelli Says:

    The CBC’s wing nut’s passion in fighting against the abolishment of the extremely costly long gun registry is additional confirmation that “Mother Corp” is in reality the propaganda arm of the left-wing Liberal and/or NDP. As it normally does, the CBC has taken an extreme left-wing perspective on the issue and continuously rolls out wacko proponents of the tax producing, wasteful, and useless registry which targets hunters and rural farmers, but certainly not criminals who don’t register their weapons that they steal. After wasting billions of tax dollars, experts now estimate that another billion dollars will be wasted to register the remaining guns owned by these law biding farmers and hunters, even though all rational persons apprehend that the registry doesn’t save lives; it is a tool to criminalize innocent hunters and farmers.

    The CBC’s far-left, affirmative action bimbos allege to have exposed a conspiracy between the rational Canadians who support eradication of the wasteful, ineffective and worthless registry and the American NRA, whom of course in their eyes are immoral. For their next con job these wide-eyed bimbos will be suggesting an invasion!

    If Canada only had a legitimate small-c conservative Prime Minister he would eradicate both of these pathetic, useless, expensive, wasteful institutions which are embarrassments to the country. When Parliament votes to keep the wasteful registry, Harper should begin shutting down both of these humiliations by defunding them as part of his deficit cutting program.

  7. Calgary Junkie Says:

    This erosion of Dipper credibility will play nicely into our campaign-time coalition narrative. We’ve already got the tape of Jack speaking to his caucus, in Nov 2008, informing them of his behind-the-scenes work with Duceppe, and later with Dion.

    As PMSH said last year, in his “secretly” taped stump speech, about future coalition scheming: “They will deny it until they are blue in the face …”.

    Stoffer and the rest have just reinforced that message: you can’t believe a word these guys say about anything.

  8. Jan Webb Says:

    Keith Martin, Liberal MP from Esquimalt/Juan de Fuca, also has had a revelation moment. After 15 years of supporting hunters and sportsmen to eradicate the long gun registry (we have a history of his votes in the H of C to prove it), he now is convinced that we should keep it. He will be voting on the Liberal motion to “kill the bill” and keep the long gun registry. I find it hypocritical, since Keith, a number of years ago, picked up the mace & declared democracy dead after a similar “kill the bill” motion was passed on his OWN bill.
    We had a rally of about 50 people outside his office today, here in Victoria. CBC radio was actually there. His office was locked up tighter than a drum with the “CLOSED” sign displayed. It was funny in a way (I guess they knew we were coming), but the sign said “Closed due to illness”. Office will reopen at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. Must have been that new 24 hour “shotgun” flu going around. LOL

  9. Louise M. Says:

    Stoffer said 62% of his constituents want him to vote against the long gun registry and wish instead to tweak the nuts and bolts of the registry. In 2008, Stoffer won 61.4% of the vote in his riding. That’s a little too pat for my mathematically challenged brain to understand.

  10. wilson Says:

    Well now that Stoffer has come out as a LGR enabler,
    perhaps he will hear from the other half of his constituents.

    Not that it matters if he is going to run for Mayor.

  11. real conservative Says:

    FYI, apparently this ‘Metro’ green free newspaper chain is owned in Canada by the TorStar corp. Just so you know.

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