Conservatives launch official complaint over CBC’s NRA story

The Conservative Party has asked CBC Ombudsman Vince Carlin to look into what they are calling “blatant agenda-driven reporting”:

“During its nightly newscast, the CBC reported that the National Rifle Association (NRA), a U.S. third party advocacy group, is behind efforts by some Canadian lawmakers to abolish the long-gun registry…Yet shockingly, the CBC does not provide any evidence to connect the Government of Canada, the Conservative party and any U.S. advocacy group. Conspiracy theory journalism with a clear political agenda is not an appropriate practice for Canada’s national broadcaster.” (see here)

Also: see earlier post on this here

Newest Bluesky team member Don Newman still on CBC

Why is the CBC allowing Don Newman column space now that he is the Senior Strategic Advisor for Bluesky Strategy Group.

Would it have anything to do with his loathing of Sun TV and continual bashing of it?

Check out Newman’s latest anti-Sun TV diatribe here which is a follow-up to his infamous “The absolute last thing this country needs” blather that removed any credibility that he had left as a journalist.

Also: Alberta Ardvark picked up on Newman’s conflict as well here

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