Delacourt runs Lib MP dad’s suicide story

Susan Delacourt of the Toronto Star writes an article about Liberal MP Scott Simms’ father’s suicide as his reason for supporting the Long-gun Registry.

Besides the obvious sick timing of this story, Delacourt doesn’t say whether the gun used in the suicide was registered and if it was or wasn’t, how that would have played any role in changing the outcome. (see here)

Van Police Chief Chu’s $4M/year Gun-registry cost and other bull

It was stunning to listen to Vancouver Police Chief Jim Chu cite blatantly misleading “facts” about the Long-Gun Registry in his recent press conferences:

1) “police were advised of a situation where an individual had quite quickly accumulated over 57 firearms… a follow-up was conducted to ensure public safety and that the guns were purchased and stored for a legitimate purpose. Without the long gun registry, this intelligence could not have been confirmed.”

Chu doesn’t bother mentioning if this person is a collector or dealer and certainly didn’t bother to include that it’s not illegal to own 57 guns.

2) “The untold story of the value of the gun registry is the unknown number of spousal homicides, accidental deaths, suicides-by-cop or other potentially fatal interactions it has prevented”

Untold??!! You mean unproven and unsubstantiated right?

3) “Chu spoke to reporters about the need to keep the registry, which police say they use an average of 2,700 times per day in BC”

The most blatant lie that has been countless times proven misleading as all  police checks automatically trip a Registry count.

4) “$4 million a year for the program”

Finally, the media is starting to question this figure:

Colby Cosh from Macleans – “The Firearms Centre in Miramichi has 240 federal employees, guys! $4 million wouldn’t cover 12 weeks of payroll expenses, right?”

Globe and Mail editorial – “The source of this estimate of $4-million appears to be a badly written line in the RCMP’s 2010 evaluation of the Canadian Firearms Program”

Was it pure coincidence that Chu received a 3-year contract extension from the Vancouver Police Board (chaired by lefty Mayor Gregor Robertson) the day after his 2nd pro-Registry press conference in just 2 weeks? His current contract wasn’t due to expire until 2012…what was the rush?

Mark Hasiuk of the Vancouver Courier lays out the huge conflict of interest Chu is in but won’t declare:

“Chu spoke for the department, and the Canadian Association of Chief’s of Police (CACP), a lobbying organization funded in part by CGI Group Inc., the major software supplier for—you guessed it—the national gun registry. Chu, who refused to be interviewed for this story, sits on the CACP board of directors. On its own, this obvious conflict of interest disqualifies Chu from impartial comment.”
If our national police chiefs mislead and lie about the Gun-registry, which issues can we count on them being honest about?
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