Delacourt runs Lib MP dad’s suicide story

Susan Delacourt of the Toronto Star writes an article about Liberal MP Scott Simms’ father’s suicide as his reason for supporting the Long-gun Registry.

Besides the obvious sick timing of this story, Delacourt doesn’t say whether the gun used in the suicide was registered and if it was or wasn’t, how that would have played any role in changing the outcome. (see here)


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  1. CanadianSense Says:

    After losing the case for keeping the LGR with facts and evidence we are faced with Liberals using tragedy and personal anecdotes why we should keep spending $ 66 million per year.

    A fitting tribute to why Liberals are a failed political party and their apologists are running on empty.

    • Jen Says:

      when the liberals brought in the gun registery, people still were getting shot and died. Delacourt didn’t bother to haunt the liberals on this one.

      There can be a killing spree, by a gunman- what next-people already died; but holland said gun registery saves lives- how-by going into every law biding citizens who own guns rifles etc to confiscate them. you mean to tell me that police will have to collect guns or rifles weapons even from duck hunters etc just so as to find who went on a killing killing spree. By doing so what the police are insinuating is that each of those gun owners may be a killer or something.


  2. byng Says:

    wow ! – this is about as tasteless as it is possible to get – totally unrelated to the issue at hand , but tear-jerking in it’s “liberalism” – ms. Delacourt has renewed her “entitlist” creds

  3. Jan Webb Says:

    While I feel great sympathy for Mr. Simms and the tragic loss of his father, how would his father having a registered or unregistered gun have changed the outcome? Why attribute this to the registry at all? This says more about him resenting long guns in general, which is understandable, rather than on the failed policies of the Long Gun Registry in general and it’s relationship to Canadian tax-payers. I noticed that he supported the abolishment of it in the past. This appears, as Canadian Sense says, to be a theatrical manipulation of emotion at the 11th hour, for the NDP/Lib coalition to justify this unpopular program.

  4. JDot Says:

    Wow, just when you think Liberal media members can’t sink any lower…

    whats even worse is the the Libs leaked this for obvious reasons..

  5. Michael Harkov Says:

    How registering long guns would have prevented this sad tragedy from happening is beyond me. Sad as that tragedy is, the last minute story run almost at the last minute RIGHT before the vote is…….curious.

  6. Acacia Says:


    Anyone else would be a tad embarrassed to attempt this linkage.

    How, exactly, would having that gun registered, stopped that action?

  7. Michael Harkov Says:

    And of course, Kinsella is all over it.

  8. Garfield Says:

    I’m very sorry for his loss, but someone please tell us if this was a legally registered gun. If not, the man was a criminal under the registry. If it was, why did the registry not stop him from committing suicide?
    Scott Simms should know more than any MP that the Registry is useless.

    • Jen Says:

      If it was, why did the registry not stop him from committing suicide?

      People kill people not guns. So far gun shops gun collectors duck hunting rifles are still standing not one worker in a gun shop has been shot by the rifles in display.
      It is the person who picks up the gun aims and fires it is to kill should be registered in jail but, the liberals ndp and the bloc prefer the criminals because of more votes.

  9. Garfield Says:

    Most of you will now by know that Mark Holland’s motion has passed. Please everyone send a few bucks to the Ajax Pickering Conservative EDA to help Chris Alexander defeat this maggot in the next election.

    • beacher 1 Says:

      I have done something that I have never done before and that is to help someone for an election. I am going to help get Chris elected as he is the only qualified candidate for the job of MP. I have been knocking on doors and have been getting a great response plus on election day i will take the day off and drive people to vote…election day I will be using the wife’s mini-van

  10. Nicola Timmerman Says:

    “If we could save just one life”… How about the money going to more policemen on the street? Who knows how many lives could be saved.

  11. Jen Says:

    NDP has one hell of a nerve to talk about retaining the the GUN REGISTRY, Yet refuse to vote on COMBATING TERRORISM ACT.
    So, he is in favouring of Terrorism.

  12. Michael Harkov Says:

    Either way the vote would have went, we win.

    What the Opposition should realize is with this vote, that they’ve solidified the notion that there is obviously a coalition at work. This will play great in the next election campaign. Also, this vote being lost will serve as an impetus to paint a HUGE target on those rural Liberal and NDP MPs that have supported the abolition of this LGR, but flip-flopped.

    Today the Opposition coalition has sown the wind. In the next election, they will reap the whirlwind. 😀

  13. beacher 1 Says:

    Old Susan’s job is to follow the Liberals for the Star and spew their propaganda however she can say whatever she wants as the Star is a private funded paper. So anytime she spews this type of crap it you just have to remind yourself what she is all about!!

  14. Kring Says:

    A second MP told The Globe and Mail that Mr. Simms acknowledged the gun registry would not have saved his father. But, he reasoned, if it could save at least one life, it would make a difference in some Canadian’s life.

    So his prior opinion is that the registry should be abolished, and he acknowledges that it couldn’t have saved his father, but he voted to keep it anway?


  15. The Observer Says:

    I am glad that the racist white male GUN NUTS lost today. HAHAHAHAHHA

    Now we should charge anti-gun control racist white males with hate crimes and properly re-educate them about real Canadian values.

    Long live Canada 🙂

  16. real conservative Says:

    There is an argument that guns are quick, easy and impersonal and thus why they are dangerous. There is a degree of truth to that argument of course. But guns still require intent, will and ability behind them in order to achieve any outcome. What is rarely talked about in this debate in the same frame of mind is the same ability that I can drug somebody, poison them, ambush them, set traps etc., with weapons that are all perfectly legal. The left want guns confiscated because they do not want the average citizen to ever be able to rise up against encroaching government which they are planning and implementing right now. I hope this battle is not lost and that personal liberty, responsibility and freedom wins out in the end. Not for those people that I fight either, nor for myself, but for all of humanity.

  17. Michael Harkov Says:

    I took it as a “leftard”.

    And I take it that you are absolutley correct. Check out the second entry in this blog posting –

    Sockpuppers, lib-tards, left-wing nuts, oh my.

  18. Louise M. Says:

    My sympathies to Mr. Simms for his loss.

    I had read Delacourt’s piece on Simms’ father which appeared as the topmost story on National Newswatch. To disclose what had been said in the Liberal caucus at the 11th hour of the vote is a clear attempt to gain favour for retaining Rock’s Folly.

    Then, just a couple of minutes into Clark’s Powerplay show, Clark and the Owl are biting at the bit to milk the story. To make things worse, they announced that when Simms rises to vote, the Liberals planned to stand and applause “as a show of support for him and his father”. How do you show support for a person who has committed suicide, possibly over the grief of the loss of his wife of many years? Well I nearly puked. Disgustingly opportunistic, classless and insensitive, every one of them.

    Anyway, I’m firing off another cheque to the Conservatives. Gotta get a majority and set those louses straight.

  19. Kursk Says:

    Observing and weeping is what that leftist dolt will be doing when the coalition is reduced to a rump..jr. Marxists know all about re-education camps, of that I have no doubt.

    Did you catch the mother of the child that was killed, who appeared on the CBC? Gloat much? How would the registry have saved her child?

    ..or the ‘this is what democracy looks like’ activists who really don’t have a clue on why they are in support of the registry?

  20. wilson Says:

    This year hubby and I decided to donate to targeted ridings across Canada .
    Already donated to Alexander’s campaign,
    next is get rid of Linda Duncan, dipper that won Jaffer’s riding.
    Is there a riding in Quebec that someone could suggest needs a boost ?

    Here’s where you donate to Chris Alexander’s campaign to send Holland packing.

    Send Linda Duncan to a hairdressing career:

    • Jan Webb Says:

      We can always use support for Conservative candidate Troy de Souza. (Victoria, B.C.–riding Esquimalt/Juan de Fuca) He lost out to Liberal Keith Martin by just 68 votes last time.
      Keith Martin has just fallen on his sword today after voting twice to have the registry scrapped. Nobody in his riding is going to forget his vote against Hoeppner’s bill today! Nobody!

    • Jen Says:

      You are right about Linda Duncan. She also wants to put a lid on her ‘bread and butter (oilsands), oh, and another thing, a couple of years of ago Charles Adler talked to Holland who in turn told Adler, that he plans to ‘shut down’ the ‘oilsands. Our very own survival tool.

      I wish Wilson, we can find that tape. The more tapes and videos the better.

  21. Calgary Junkie Says:

    CHQR radio has been running clips of Calgary Police Chief, Rick Hanson, every half hour, saying things like:

    “Our experience is, with a plethora of weapons we’ve seized in this city, everything from AK 47’s to Uzi knockoffs, to automatic hand guns. NONE of them, NONE of them that we’ve seized from real criminals were registered to the person we seized them from. Or in many cases, were never registered at all.”

    link @ 5:30 pm

  22. Bert Says:

    I feel sorry for Scot Simm’s loss. I really do, as no one should have to go through loosing a loved one in this way. The fact of the matter is, however, that his dad would have found another way to kill himself. If he would have hung himself, would they ban rope ?. If he would have drugged himself, would they ban the drug ?. If he would have gassed himself with the exhaust from his car, would they want to ban that as well ?.

  23. greyburr Says:

    Since Delacourt and the liberals have now put Mr Simms tragic suicide out in the public domain for political gain,I would like to know the circumstances that led to him taking his own life.Perhaps that might seem insensitive to some but the registry is supposed to prevent those with mental issues etc from aquiring firearms is it not.Mr Simms death only confirms the failure of the registry in my opinion.

  24. neo Says:

    here’s a question ms. delacourt forgot to ask… “how many psychiatrists & other mental health workers could’ve been hired with 2 billion taxpayer dollars”?

    sorry, susie… on this one… i’m with kate.


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  26. Mary T Says:

    Check out Jacksnewswatch for the story that 16,000 deaths have been caused by cell phones and texting.
    When will the require licenses and registration of cell phone,
    to save just one live.

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