Lib MP recommends anti-Harper rant then apologizes

Liberal MP Carolyn Bennett re-Tweeted a post from the loony left blog site titled Stephen Harper at the UN: The truth his speech will try to hide but after getting questioned about whether she supported the anti-Israeli portion, quickly posted an apology.

If this is the true reason for the apology, it’s a stunning admission that Bennett doesn’t fully read articles.  What else doesn’t she complete reading?

More smarm from Delacourt: Harper’s UN speech

From Susan Delacourt’s blog:

“A small photo comparison of the speakers and the crowds at the current session of the United Nations, as sent to me this afternoon by a UN watcher. Perhaps the audience was detained at the bathroom at around 2ish.”

Guess there were no suicide stories to report on today?

Update: Stephen Taylor throws a wrench into Delacourt’s smarm session by posting a few more UN screen shots that shows the crowd size in context here

Margaret Atwood: Moon landing Truther

Margaret Atwood has painted a big ol’ bulls-eye on herself after signing the anti-Sun TV petition.

Bloggers have dug up this little gem of an interview showing that Peggy doesn’t believe that the US landed on the moon (see here)

Radio station that did the original interview can be found here

Faux Liberal outrage for “sexist” comment

Some women Liberal MPs along with a few in the media here and here have their panties in a bunch over a prepared remark by Con MP Vic Toews referencing NDP MP Niki Ashton’s father Manitoba MLA Steve Ashton:

“I would call upon the member for Churchill to stand in this House and represent her constituents in rural Manitoba, like her father does in the Manitoba legislature, where he has consistently spoken out against the long-gun registry and with the NDP in that province who do not support the long-gun registry and not to vote with her downtown Toronto leader.”

Big deal right? Not according to the Liberals who came running along with their pretend indignation:

Liberal MP Anita Neville – “The gall of him telling ‘Daddy’s little girl’ what to do is beyond reproach”

Keep in mind that Neville was the one calling for Helena Guergis’ resignation with over the phony airport “meltdown” incident with no proof:

“Ms. Guergis should not be afforded special treatment because of her status as minister. In fact, she should be held to an even higher standard than the average Canadian. Her behaviour must be properly assessed”

Meanwhile: Bob Hepburn of the Toronto Star slags a female mayoral candidate and Green leader Elizabeth May says MPs “are bags of testosterone” but don’t hold your breath waiting for Taber or Wherry to report on them.

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