Faux Liberal outrage for “sexist” comment

Some women Liberal MPs along with a few in the media here and here have their panties in a bunch over a prepared remark by Con MP Vic Toews referencing NDP MP Niki Ashton’s father Manitoba MLA Steve Ashton:

“I would call upon the member for Churchill to stand in this House and represent her constituents in rural Manitoba, like her father does in the Manitoba legislature, where he has consistently spoken out against the long-gun registry and with the NDP in that province who do not support the long-gun registry and not to vote with her downtown Toronto leader.”

Big deal right? Not according to the Liberals who came running along with their pretend indignation:

Liberal MP Anita Neville – “The gall of him telling ‘Daddy’s little girl’ what to do is beyond reproach”

Keep in mind that Neville was the one calling for Helena Guergis’ resignation with over the phony airport “meltdown” incident with no proof:

“Ms. Guergis should not be afforded special treatment because of her status as minister. In fact, she should be held to an even higher standard than the average Canadian. Her behaviour must be properly assessed”

Meanwhile: Bob Hepburn of the Toronto Star slags a female mayoral candidate and Green leader Elizabeth May says MPs “are bags of testosterone” but don’t hold your breath waiting for Taber or Wherry to report on them.

5 Responses to “Faux Liberal outrage for “sexist” comment”

  1. Acacia Says:

    Toews does not use the phrase, “daddy’s little girl”.
    Neville does.

    So, let’s see what she did advise the young MP to say earlier on the gun registry and, by inferrence, what really happens in Manitoba’s First Nations communities:

    “When asked what advice she would give to Ashton as a fellow female MP from Manitoba, Liberal Anita Neville said she would quote her former Manitoba Liberal colleague, Tina Keeper, who represented Ashton’s Churchill riding between 2006 and 2008. Keeper apparently said when it came to the gun registry, she had an image in her head of a woman running down the road in a First Nations community with a gun pointed at her.
    “If you haven’t seen it, imagine it because it’s real,” Neville said she’d say to Ashton.”


  2. Fay Says:

    Anita Neville is the female version of Ralph Goodale. Two old Liberals who will play whatever role the Toronto Elite’s throw at them. Making Manitoba and Saskatchewan proud… Not!

  3. real conservative Says:

    The gall of Iggy telling all his MP’s to do what they are told even when they don’t agree with him.

  4. Sean M Says:

    *edited* Young, rich by birth, commie girl Ashton should flip flop herself right out of politics, if she can’t stand the heat of her own hypocrisy, than pretend to be a victim on someone else’s time.

  5. Ardvark Says:

    Let me get this right. Anita Neville and some others are upset with what amounts to an innocent comment about an MP’s father while giving Elizabeth May a pass for calling ALL MP”s, including Anita Neville and every other female MP, bags of testosterone?

    The world of the left is a strange place indeed.

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