More smarm from Delacourt: Harper’s UN speech

From Susan Delacourt’s blog:

“A small photo comparison of the speakers and the crowds at the current session of the United Nations, as sent to me this afternoon by a UN watcher. Perhaps the audience was detained at the bathroom at around 2ish.”

Guess there were no suicide stories to report on today?

Update: Stephen Taylor throws a wrench into Delacourt’s smarm session by posting a few more UN screen shots that shows the crowd size in context here

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  1. CanadianSense Says:

    Does anyone expect her to be unbiased or not a cheerleader for the Liberals?

    Anyone? She is employed to pander to her readership.

  2. Fay Says:

    I am sure she agrees with Mr Kaplin from the NDP. He told Canadians on CTV news net tonight that there is no such thing as Canada. CTV quickly cut him off but we glimpsed the true feeling of NDP in Toronto. Toronto is the priority and nothing else matters.

    • Jen Says:

      The cut him but if it was a conservative stragist to say that CTV will run that piece 24/7.
      Look at how CTV treats our PM and our country; they like nothing positive about CANADA under this PM, however Fay, they CTV ,prefer the state of the USA under OBAMA.
      CTV prefers a CANADA under COALITION PARTIES of Socialists, communists.

  3. Michael Harkov Says:

    While watching Power Play, Rob Fife stated that the seats were empty because Harper’s speech was timed just for when most of the people were gone for lunch, not because of some “washroom break” as that hag Susan kangaroocourt sarcastically smirked.

    But I doubt someone as fair and impartial as Susan Dealcourt of the Toronto Star would have trouble voicing that distinction.

  4. real conservative Says:

    I’m guessing that Harper isn’t a communist after all.

  5. L.Lea Says:

    Did she photoshop out the audience?

    Are you’s upset that nobody seemed to stick around to hear Harper?

    Guess he’s not as “revered” on the world stage as what his followers seem to think he is or should be.

  6. L.Lea Says:

    OK BC Blue, where are all the people? Don’t you think (wish) Harper could/should hold an audience? Don’t you think (wish) Harper’s appearance would/could say “influence?”

    It is a never-ending losing circle you know: you need people to hear to in order to have influence but you need influence to induce people to come and hear you.

    It seems Harper has (and gives) neither influence nor inspiration.

  7. Rose Says:

    I honestly don’t care what Liberal media thinks, writes or articulates I refuse to watch their poisonous progressive leftwing drivel. However thanks to BC Blue I don’t have to read leftwing tabloid trash or watch faux liberal news/gossip programs. You are a brave man, now get that turkey roaster back on your head.

  8. dhedges Says:

    . Lets get on with Sun news TV and keep these hounds off the air. *edited*

  9. wilson Says:

    speaking to an empty room was likely a huge disappointment for PMSH and the delegation he took with him, on behalf of Canada.

    But not as disappointing as the American-import-wanna-be-king Count Ignatieff,
    saying to the media that Canada did not deserve a seat,
    and then Portugal running to each of the voting delegates to show them the news clipping,
    saying the Official Opposition in Canada supports Portugal for a Security Council seat.

    Ignatieff is not fit to lead a marching band,
    let alone my country

  10. Alberta Girl Says:

    Kind of makes you wonder who set up the schedule….almost like someone like – say – Soros had some sway over the U.N.


  11. Martin Says:

    Fife said on CTV that a couple of preceeding speakers went over their time limit, and PMSH speech came at the supper break. Seems reasonable to me, nothing sinister, I’m sure Canada can’t totally controll when their spot is. After all this is the UN.

  12. Rob C Says:

    Delacourt is right where she belongs. Her and her buddy Travers are are pair of wanna be important people. I briefly corresponded with Travers about his BS article on the waste of time the long gun registry is in the HOC. I questioned his bias and journalistic ability after he avoided a direct answer to my question. He replied that he would no longer read or even open my e-mails. I sent one more e-mail thanking him for proving my point about him being nothing but a lieberal hack.

  13. Louise M. Says:

    The spectacle of the Liberals turning on the tears over the tragic suicide of Simms’ father and Bagnall’s wife’s miscarriage and linking those events to the gun registry is revolting. What a bunch of hypocrites led by a clueless nincompoop.

    The comments by average Canadians on media sites to the above and the coverage of the PMs UN efforts are very critical of the Liberals, and their underhanded tactics. I get a sense that a Conservative majority is a very real possibility.

    Liberals live in a world of false sense of security. When the hammer comes down, they won’t know what hit them.

  14. Mary T Says:

    You need to find clips of Paul Martin talking to an empty room at the UN, and Chretain did not have huge crowds either.

  15. MariaS Says:

    Canada is the 7th biggest financier to the UN… the PM said so in his speech.
    That being the case, our PM should have requested for a change in the schedule for a time slot that was after the lunch break. Canadians as usual as too politically correct and that includes the PM….. and that’s going to be our downfall.

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