Delacourt partying with Liberals after Gun-Registry vote

Guess it would be fitting in the eyes of the journalist who was the one that MP Scott Simms’ dad’s suicide story was leaked to by a fellow caucus member to also get invited to party-it-up with them after-wards, but she would be wrong.

Susan Delacourt obviously doesn’t see any ethical issues with the perception of high-fiving and doing shots with Liberals as they celebrate their victory.

Delacourt laughingly calls this whipped vote on a private members bill the Liberals “first real legislative victory in more than five years in opposition”. (see here)

Margaret Atwood defends her Truther moon landing interview

Rob Breakenridge posts his Twitter back-and-forth with Margaret Atwood on his blog site and it ain’t pretty for defenders of Peggy.

Besides her absolute refusal to state that the moon landing occurred, she tries to change the topic by bringing up Ezra Levant/ George Soros as if to taint Breakenridge somehow. (see here)

See earlier post on Atwood’s Truther moon landing theories here

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