Delacourt partying with Liberals after Gun-Registry vote

Guess it would be fitting in the eyes of the journalist who was the one that MP Scott Simms’ dad’s suicide story was leaked to by a fellow caucus member to also get invited to party-it-up with them after-wards, but she would be wrong.

Susan Delacourt obviously doesn’t see any ethical issues with the perception of high-fiving and doing shots with Liberals as they celebrate their victory.

Delacourt laughingly calls this whipped vote on a private members bill the Liberals “first real legislative victory in more than five years in opposition”. (see here)

17 Responses to “Delacourt partying with Liberals after Gun-Registry vote”

  1. Jen Says:

    How stupid can she be, “there was no third reading” the liberals ndp and the bloc cooked up a deal amongst themselves to kill “THEIR” (lib, ndp bloc) finally reading.
    They were afraid what will happen to them if they decided to go against the bill.

    So, to avoid their pressure, Mark Holland brought in a motion -get this-Delacourt-NOT TO PROCEED WITH THE THIRD READING-
    Your buddies in COALITION except for the bloc, PASSED, PASSED, VOTED ON; AGREED ON – on the first two readings- but as usual, BAILED OUT ON THIRD READING.

  2. Jen Says:

    Delacourt and the rest of the MEDIA COALITION are celebrating Holland’s ‘ COPOUT MOTION’

    Trudeau was confronted by protesters but since none of his media agents was not there to help him out; he ran away.

  3. wilson Says:

    Was Larry Bagnell there celebrating?
    Hope he enjoyed himself,
    because when he got home, there was this:

  4. Martin Says:

    What I don’t understand about the Simms story, is the reported reason for him supporting the Liberal motion. It was a whipped vote and he was ordered by Iggy to vote with the party, otherwise face the consequences. I think it is appaling behaviour to bring his personal tragedy into the picture. As for Delacourt reporting it, I would expect nothing better from her.

  5. beacher 1 Says:

    This isn’t a surprise, she is nothing more than a Liberal mouthpiece as the Toronto Star is. Remember they backed Dion and a “Carbon Tax” during the past fed election. Now the Star are doing anything and everything to get former Liberal MPP George Smitterman elected as mayor even quoting older pols as current ones to show Ford’s lead isn’t as huge as it is.

  6. Rose Says:

    Sickening, lawabiding citizens getting the shakedown if they are day late re-registering their long guns and a member of the Liberal media parties on.

    Martin the modern liberal can’t debate or reason thus they must wave around the emotion/emotive card to distract the slimy media from noticing they bring nothing to the table but simpletons and fools.

  7. Bert Says:

    After the heartfelt change that Scott Simms went through, I wonder if he partied as well ?. Makes his stance hypocritical if he did.

  8. Joanne (BLY) Says:

    The whole thing is nausea-inducing.

  9. Alberta Girl Says:

    I wonder if she will be twittering about the latest poll!

  10. Rod Says:

    If I was a Liberal, I would hardly be in a celebratory mood after my party had to whip its caucus on a Private Members Bill.

  11. Mary T Says:

    They are practicing so they can cry in their beer when they find out they have not won anything, notice we are up 6% and ndp is in free fall and iggy is down 2% from last poll.
    Poor Bagnell, bet he wishes he had gone home to be be with his ill wife instead of being whipped by his leader.

    • Jen Says:

      What bugs me MaryT, is that the lib and ndp cousins cooked up a deal with the Bloc -what for? the BLOC have voted down the ‘FIRST TWO READINGS’ so what’s the deal here with the bloc .
      Not will surprise me that the bloc wants ‘certain’ bills passed which they couldn’t on previous times which we know what they are.
      You know Maryt, you see those three parties(Coalition), well, they are dangerous.

  12. MJH Says:

    Whipped votes are an affront to democracy and I find them appalling. Let MPs vote the wishes of their constituents.

  13. real conservative Says:

    Telling words ‘first victory in 5 years.’ So that is all this was from start to finish, not like any conservative believed otherwise. I bet Liberals implemented gun controls just because OZ behind the black curtain told them too and they don’t even know why? Just take care of me OZ that’s all I ask. I know the steak isn’t real but it tastes so good.

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