Liberal cultural official backs CSIS claim of foreign influence

Remember when municipal, provincial and federal politicians went ballistic earlier this year when Canadian Security Intelligence Services director Richard Fadden warned of foreign influence over Canadian officials earlier this year?

BC Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell – “It’s unprecedented and completely unprofessional. I was shocked … If in fact there was any evidence whatsoever that municipal politicians are being influenced by foreign government, I’d like to see it.”

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson – “It’s frustrating and unfortunate that local elected officials in BC had aspersions cast upon them without any justification”

Bloc MP Maria Mourani – “What’s worse is they have created doubts on the integrity of a number of elected officials and have created an unhealthy climate of suspicion and general paranoia, particularly toward elected officials who are of foreign origin. Who are the traitors among them?

NDP MLA Jenny Kwan – “Minister Toews should hold him accountable for his irresponsible actions and ask for his resignation now”

Don’t hold your breath waiting for feigned outrage from any politicians now that Liberal Party official Daniel Sweeney has come out with an explosive statement saying that he was influenced by foreign officials and that he worked with CSIS to expose it (see here):

“Diplomatic officials, over time, started to ask me to do all sorts of stuff that was not diplomatic. That involved changing party policy, creating special favours for people in their respective expatriate communities in Montreal, especially the Russians but others, too.”

6 Responses to “Liberal cultural official backs CSIS claim of foreign influence”

  1. JohnR Says:

    My local BC mayor…..It was not a perk, yes the Chinese paid for our trip, but only in order for us to visit our new “sister city” over in China. They were just being nice. There was no strings attached.

  2. Ardvark Says:

    The MSM is pretty quiet about this, which is strange considering all the grief they tossed Fadden’s way, but did you honestly expect otherwise?

  3. fern st albert Says:

    So if a card carrying Liberal says its so, its official? How droll, how quaint – what are the other qualifiers for speaking truth to power – waiting. Cheers.

  4. NO QUARTER Says:

    So, let me guess… as far as the Liberal are concerned, this is perfectly acceptable- just “the way business is done,eh!”

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