Two celebrity hypocrites getting some comeuppance

It’s nice to see Bono and James Cameron beginning to receive a little media attention exposing their hypocrisy.

Both of these two have meddled in Canadian politics to push their agendas.

Bono shilled for Paul Martin at the “leadership” convention in 2003 as the keynote speaker:

“If (Paul Martin) shows the world the same commitment I saw during the drop the debt campaign…If he carries the mantle of Trudeau, Pearson and Chrétien… then Canada, Oh Canada, will show the world the way forward.”

The Telegraph has run a column highlighting Bono’s charity One as a poverty organization that spends all its money on wages and expensive gift promotions given to the media. It also reminds the readers of Bono pulling his money out of Ireland for tax saving reasons.

Then there is by far the biggest eco-celeb-nut hypocrite James Cameron who is currently campaigning to stop Alberta’s oil sands. Ezra Levant does a good job of shoving the words back down this carbon abusing clown’s throat.

Cameron – [Ours]“will be a dying world if we don’t make some fundamental changes about how we view ourselves and how we view wealth. “We’re going to have to live with less.”

Levant – when he says “we” should live with less, he means “you” should. Cameron’s press tour to promote Avatar took him to 107 cities. Perhaps he’ll “live with less” for Avatar II, by flying to just 100 cities.

“Who are you to judge that a tycoon living in an 8,000-square-foot house, with an adjacent 6,000-square-foot house for staff, can’t also be an expert on modest living?”

Cameron – “call those deniers out into the street at high noon and shoot it out. F—— a——. I believe in ecoterrorism.”

Levant – “If Cameron swears off oilsand oil because it doesn’t meet his ethical standards, where does he buy his jet fuel from?” See Levant column here

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