Don Martin takes sucking as TV host to a whole new level

An episode of CTV’s Power Play yesterday showed me just how bereft the talent pool is in Canada for decent political television commentary.

Don Martin joins the list of truly horrible CTV on-air personalities such as Jane Taber, whose voice makes you want to throw something at your TV and Craig Oliver whose vision limitations leaves the viewer wondering what he is staring at. Also, who could ever forget when CTV tried replacing Oliver with John Ibbitson who was such a disaster that they had to put Oliver back in?

After watching Martin yesterday, it reminded me to check out a clip of an interview with Rona Ambrose that Alberta Ardvark had noticed where Martin makes faces at Ambrose’s response to his questions.

You won’t believe the eye rolling and facial expressions that Martin does during a split-screen shot at about the 4:20 mark. At a minimum, the Conservatives should have  demanded an apology.


Anti-HST point man quits BC Conservatives

Chris Delaney has accepted the position of party spokesperson for the new BC First Party.

“Delaney says the party is positioning itself to become the new BC Liberal Party, only with a different name. He says his former party’s waffling on the HST put him in an awkward position in his fight against the tax.”

I’m not even a little bit surprised about this as I had already called it here.

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