Liberal MLA Terry Lake: McCarthy wannabee

Liberal MLA Terry Lake is digging through anti-HST proponents websites, blogs and Facebook pages trying to dig up dirt in an effort to discredit them.

Lake is the Chair of the obscure Select Standing Committee on Legislative Initiatives that hadn’t done anything in 16 years until the anti-HST petition was given to it by Elections BC. Lake is one of the Liberal committee members who are under threat of being recalled due to their low vote win total and numbers of petition signers in their ridings.

Lake is now rooting through the interwebs looking for quotes from anti-HST activists to use against organizer Bill Vander Zalm.

So far Lake has lathered himself up in a faux rage over:

Recall organizer Gary Edwards who posted on his blog:

“the bastards in Victoria” “the Liberal Liars Club” and called Campbell “a little turd”

Lead organizer in Chilliwack, Ben Besler likened Barack Obama to a terrorist on his Facebook page:

“He’ll be seen for what he truly is soon enough. Who the hell in there right mind closes G. Bay … a terrorist.”

Recall organizer in Kelowna, Al Romanchuk resigned after it surfaced that he is a supporter of Holocaust denier Ernst Zundle.

According to Lake:

“If Mr. Vander Zalm wants to be the self-styled leader of some sort of populist movement then he can’t have it both ways. You have to take responsibility for those that you’re leading”

Guess with that logic, his boss Gordon Campbell is responsible for every nutbar, fanatic or criminal that has held a Liberal membership then right? Lake could ask Campbell to start with taking responsibility with what  is happening at the BC Rail trial. (see story here)

Update: Terry Lake used a very dirty political tactic to smear a cab owner during the municipal election saying Abdul Rasheed was a friend of Osama Bin Laden. Listen to the interviews here

MPs voting on journalistic content a suck-up to Quebec

I’m picking up pieces of my brain after having my mind blown away by an unbelievably stupid vote in the House of Commons.

The MPs just finished a unanimous vote condemning MacLeans magazine for its Quebec corruption article. There is seemingly only one sane MP on the Hill as Independent MP Andre Arthur objected:

“Parliament has no business to criticize the work of reporters”

(see story here)

Iffy the clueless flip-flopper strikes again

Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff has now changed his EI position. The Liberals supported the Bloc’s EI bill previously through second reading, but now Iffy says:

“This bill is not fiscally responsible”

Unbelievable huh, but it gets even dumber as Liberal EI critic Mike Savage says he will vote for the Bloc bill even though he agrees it is fiscally irresponsible!!?? (see here)

Iffy’s stance on coaltion keeps on changing

Ignatieff today:

“There is no coalition, period” (see here)

Norman Spector points out a pretty obvious discrepancy on Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff’s current opinion of forming a coalition government. Funny how the media doesn’t skewer Iffy about it though huh?

Joan Bryden story from June:

Michael Ignatieff says coalition governments are ‘perfectly legitimate’ and he’d be prepared to lead one if that’s the hand Canadian voters deal him in the next election. (see here)

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