Iffy and his F-35 “contract” cancellation

Mercedes Stephenson in the Toronto Sun calls Michael Ignatieff “irresponsible” for announcing that he would cancel the F-35 fighter jet contract when there isn’t a contract to cancel.

The F-35 purchase was signed under a Memorandum of Understanding by the then liberal government.

Maybe Iffy would know that if he had lived in Canada during that time. (see here)

How is it “private” when MPs break expense rules?

MPs continue covering for each other on an all-party committee that controls parliamentary spending.

Two Liberal MPs John Cannis and Judy Sgro were caught breaking expense rules in a rental scheme (see here and here) but of course no punishment or police investigation came with the apparent fraud.

Conservative MP Gordon O’Connor who chairs this committee:

“The individuals who were collectively determined not to have followed the rules had to reimburse Parliament the amount that they should not have claimed. The process is just finishing now.”

and if there were more MPs putting in bogus rental expense claims?:

“I don’t want to even get into who they are. It’s a matter of privacy.”

According to O’Connor, you as a taxpayer, have no right to invade the “privacy” of MPs who may have fraudulently abused or even stolen your money. Just trust them that they are looking after it all on your behalf. (see here)

Also: See Alberta Ardvark’s take on this as well here

My saga with the BC Conservatives continues

My hope that the BC Conservative’s would have swept out the deadwood like President Wayne McGrath at the AGM Oct 16 was dashed yesterday when the powers-that-be refused my membership renewal.

Below is the letter that I sent out explaining the latest installment in this dumb, dangerous game that is being played out.

To All

After renewing my membership (which I believe I’ve held for 8 years) online Wednesday, I received an email from a person who I assume is on the current Board of Directors (no current Board member info is posted) asking me what my motives were for taking out a membership and if my answers suffice, he would “support” it.

Stunned, I replied wondering why he would want to know and why I needed his “support”? I did not receive an answer but did later get a notice that my membership was denied (see below).

Obviously this is due to my objections to how the Party is currently being led by President Wayne McGrath (aided by the TAG representatives as well as the previous and current Boards) and my recent email stating that I would be taking my concerns about Society Act infractions to the Registrar, Ron Townshend.

It now is apparent that this party is being run by those that will not take any criticism and if you dare to voice them, you will quickly be removed. Sadly, this is what is being offered as an alternative to the ruling BC Liberals.

I would be happy to discuss any and all details of the on-going party problems with anyone who would like to have the specifics.

Dean Skoreyko

2009 MLA Candidate BC Conservative Party Vernon-Monashee
2009 Membership Chair
2010 Membership Chair, Media Liaison, AGM Chair

Oct 29, 2010 01:29:51 GMT-04:00
Receipt No: 3361-6330-7433-3407

Hello Dean Skoreyko,
BC Conservatives just sent you a refund
BC Conservatives just sent you a full refund of $10.00 CAD for your purchase. If you have any questions about this refund, please contact BC Conservatives.

This refund will appear on your credit card statement as credit from PAYPAL *BCCONSERVAT. If you have any questions, please contact BC Conservatives.
Merchant information
BC Conservatives
Note from merchant
Sorry Dean, I was told to refund your fee as your registration renewal was denied. Ky.
Original transaction details
Description Unit price Qty Amount
BC Conservative Party Membership Fee/Donations (Dean Skoreyko) $10.00 CAD 1 $10.00 CAD
Insurance: —-
Total: $10.00 CAD
Refund to Visa Card XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-6447: $10.00 CA

Iffy’s “policies” starting to wear thin with media?

I’m noticing a trend with the media coverage of Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff’s contradictory or asinine stances on issues that hopefully will continue.

The Star Phoenix – Liberal leader unwise to kill deal on F-35s (see here)

The Toronto Star – Ethical mining: What’s Ignatieff’s view? (see here)

The reason I mention these two editorials is that they are not by any means considered conservative leaning papers. Is this the next wave of Iggy-mania abandonment?

Green Party pulls web page promoting pro-Iranian “peace” conference

The Green Party and Elizabeth May normally get an automatic pass from the media for any nutty policies or nutbar candidates associated but hopefully that is coming to an end.

Lorne Gunter sheds a little light on just who exactly is running the Green Party sponsored Just and Sustainable Peace – A Global Challenge conference and gives May no credit for standing up to these fanatics within her party. (see column here)

The web page from the Green Party Carleton-Mississippi Mills riding has been taken down.

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