Liberals were interfering with Access of Info requests

Well, well, well…

“In 2005, a senior aide to Liberal cabinet minister Jim Peterson appeared to interfere with the release of politically sensitive files that had been requested under federal access to information laws, documents obtained by QMI Agency show.”

And what does MP Wayne “Doorknobs” Easter have to say about this Liberal hypocrisy?

“Darn right I’d be disappointed if it’s the case”

I’m guessing only because his little mud-slinging game is up. (see here)

Kady Do-Right rides again

Just like the 60’s cartoon, the CBC’s Kady O’Malley can’t resist chasing after her arch-nemesis, Stephen “Snidely” Harper.

Her latest effort to dig up dirt revolves around the PM’s new Chief-of-Staff Nigel Wright who comes with a very impressive resume and from what I’ve read, Harper is fortunate to have landed him.

Kady is trying to come up with the scenario that Wright is only on the job temporarily and that he will return to Onex after his term with the PM and that Onex has “connections” to the F-35 fighters:

“I spent the better part of last week trying, and failing, to pry out of PMO, Onex and the conflict of interest and ethics commissioner’s office

For the love of journalistic integrity, the job of Chief-of-Staff has a massive burn-out rate and no one in their right mind (and a real-world life) would take on this thankless task for very long. The previous three, Tom Flanagan, Ian Brody and Guy Giorno proved just how temporary the job is. Giorno was even quoted that he had to promise his wife that he would only stay a limited time. Did Kady think that was nefarious?

As to Onex, why wouldn’t they want Wright back and who would be surprised if a corporation this size had connections to the aerospace industry?

“Onex’ businesses generate annual revenues of $31 billion, have assets of $36 billion and employ more than 210,000 people worldwide.”

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