Bob Rae’s lack of class and the MSM love it

MP and wannabee Liberal leader Bob Rae was gleefully chortling about Canada’s loss today in our bid for a Security Council seat at the UN and Susan Delacourt lapped it all up.


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  1. CanadianSense Says:

    It is pathetic for Bob Rae to sink to Ignatieff’s level of crass politics. (Over the Tim Horton’s HQ Return)

    The small protest of Liberals MPs+staff outside Tim’s for not personally skipping out on the Iranian speech? The Pittsburgh meeting was that weekend.

    The Canadian government rebuked Sri Lanka for deporting Bob Rae.

    MSM bottom feeders don’t matter.

  2. Barb Says:

    God, if only he really WAS on fire…..

  3. Sam Says:

    Lack of class you say ?!?

    How about the Foreign Minister blaming the Leader of the Opposition on the loss of the vote!!!

    Perhaps Mr. Cannon should gaze into the mirror. Perhaps Canada’s performancein Copenhagen had something to do with it. Perhaps our lack of engagement in Africa. Perhaps skipping the UNGA last September for a phot-op at Tim’s had something to do with it.

  4. Mary T Says:

    Perhaps Charest preformance in Denmark had more to do with it, as did all the other coalition dissers of Canada. Why should we support any funding to any african nation for anything, they are mostly dictatorships who never put the money sent to where it is supposed to go.
    We have 10 yrs to really show the UN we do not give a crap about their hate for Israel. We will not be blackmailed.
    We can assume that if the coalition gets in they will fall over backward to support the terrorists and give billions of our money to those dictators.

  5. Sam Says:


    PMSH’s actions over the past 24 months did that all be himself!

  6. Rose Says:

    Iffy stabs this nation in the back to score cheap political points, what about our troops currently serving in peacekeeping mission I guess their good work should be negated after all Canada doesn’t deserve a seat at the UN right Iffy. First Quebe stabs us in the back at the UN and now the libs giggle in joy that their sabotoge actually worked throw the Islamists from Canada into the toxic stew and it makes you wonder how much damage the political left are willing to cause to get their coalition of socialists’ slime into office?.

  7. real conservative Says:

    Yeah Canada needs to get on all fours and offer its rear to the UN, that’s how you get respect down there! The Liberals will show how its done if they form the government again.

  8. Darrell Says:

    Who needs the UN anyway, Canada is still a member and no we can do things on our own without stopping to foreign progressive liberal values.

  9. Joanne (BLY) Says:

    We can assume that if the coalition gets in they will fall over backward to support the terrorists and give billions of our money to those dictators.

    That could really be a wedge issue for the next election!

  10. Nicola Timmerman Says:

    Maybe because he knows Iggy really hurt himself by not supporting Canada. Rae would love an election to get rid of Iggy.

  11. Ardvark Says:

    Here is how bright Susan Delacourt was today.

    After the first round voting completed and Germany ALREADY won she said this:
    “I’ve got an idea. Portugal and Canada could form a coalition against Germany at the #UN. But then again…”

    To which I replied:@SusanDelacourt I know u r trying to be humorous but do try and keep up. Germany already won.

    Here is what the paid reporter replied back:@Albertaardvark Second ballot. Stay with us, pls.

    The second vote was between Canada and Portugal ONLY, she was following along with the vote live and she tells me to ‘stay with us’.


  12. Kursk Says:

    B******* Sam.

    So you are saying Harper’s support of the only democracy in the region is wrong?

    Or the govt’s lack of support for the Global warming scam?

    Or our lack of engagement in Africa, where if the left had their way, we would lose 3-5 times as many soldiers as in Afghanistan?

    Why does the left and its supporters hate Canada so much?

  13. Kelly Says:

    I hate to break it to Bob Rae and the rest, but you don’t get a seat on the UN SC by merit. This isn’t your grand dad’s U.N. Listening to Heinbecker, you get the sense the requirements would make even a Liberal blush.

  14. Gabby in QC Says:

    Here’s something the Harper government should have played up, instead of focussing so much attention on Ignatieff’s “Canada doesn’t deserve a seat at the UN Security Council” silly remark:,1518,717489,00.html

    Dream of Influence

    Germany Renews Campaign for UN Security Council Seat

    By Ralf Neukirch

    “… Next month Germany will attempt, once again, to secure a non-permanent seat for two years on the UN Security Council. For the first time, the German government will be up against two competitors, Canada and Portugal. **Eight years ago, only two countries were vying for the two seats allocated to the so-called Western group, and the same situation applied eight years before that.** …”

    SOooo … that crap about Canada getting the seat because it deserved it then, but not now — of course, when the Liberals were in power — is just that, a load of crap.

    Of course Canada got one of the two seats available! — There were only TWO countries vying for TWO seats, so it stands to reason Canada would get one of them.

    By pointing this out, I don’t mean to disparage in any way Canada’s valued role at the UN, I hope that’s clear.

    P.S. I’m posting this on a few conservative blogs, because I think it’s relevant to the discussion.

  15. Louise M. Says:

    I literally forced myself to watch Ignatieff’s reaction to Canada’s lost bid for a security council seat. This ignoramus had the nerve of stating the UAE withdrawing landing rights at Camp Mirage is a Conservative government failure. This, after the UAE forced our Minister of Defence and Chief of Defence Staff to a 6 hour detour to Rome to get home, all because the UAE wants the right to more landing rights to Canadian destinations.

    The man has no concept of national pride and statesmanship. And how does Ignatieff, the so-called human rights champion, react to this?

    “A sponsorship system known as Kafala exists in the UAE, which makes it easy for companies to carry out illegal practices, such as confiscating workers’ passports and withholding wages.

    The scheme has been heavily criticized by a number of human-rights officials, including Dubai researcher Samer Muscati at Human Rights Watch. To make matters worse, he said many laborers turn to loan sharks to pay illegal recruitment fees and arrive in the UAE heavily in debt.

    “Because of the layoffs and the fact that some of these workers are stranded, we are seeing an increase in suicides, where some workers feel the only way out is to kill themselves, hoping that the people who have lent them money will avoid going after their families or their houses back in India and other locations in South Asia,” said Muscati. “Unfortunately, that is not the case; the creditors still go after the families even after the death of migrant workers.”

    Muscati blames UAE authorities for not doing enough to improve the situation in the country.”

  16. Stan Says:

    Hey, Bob was just following orders from Power Corp..

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