Video: Ignatieff says he lived “paycheque to paycheque”

Don’t watch Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff’s latest attempt at making himself out as Joe Canada and just a regular working stiff if you have a weak stomach:

“…Lived without a safety net…I’ve lived the life almost like a small businessperson — living paycheque to paycheque.”

Iffy also doesn’t like all those career type politicians. Wonder if he’s told Jean Chretien that he finds him without respectability?

Feds file complaint over Star’s stripper story

The Conservative government isn’t very happy about a story in the Toronto Star from Richard Brennan about stripper and escort jobs being added to the Job Bank.

Minister Diane Finley’s spokesman Ryan Sparrow:

“This story is completely and utterly false. In fact, the draft note cited by the reporter has not been seen by the Minister’s office, nor would it ever have been a policy under consideration by our government.”

“Even more shocking, despite citing several reactions from opposition and stake-holders in the erroneous story, the reporter did not even call our office for a response.”

“It is sad that Canadians are subjected to such a lack of journalistic integrity, and that a major Canadian newspaper would give a story such prominence without first verifying the facts.” (see here)

Also: Check out this post from Steve Janke on Richard Brennan’s very questionable reporting practices during the Ipperwash stand-off and his interview where he calls Harper a bully and acts like a Republican.

“Cannon fodder” feminist group gets taxpayers’ money

Eric Duhaime of the Toronto Sun exposes that the feminist Quebec’s Women Federation received a subsidy of $240,000 from the Status of Women Canada this year. (see here)

Minister Rona Ambrose needs to do some explaining why we are funding a radical group that thinks nothing of making a video comparing our soldiers to cannon fodder and supports the separation of Quebec?

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