Lefty columnists and the hate-filled people they encourage

NDP hack, Gerald Caplan writes a piece in the Globe and Mail titled “Exporting death: Another popular Harper foreign policy” in which he asks:

“Why does the International Criminal Court not issue warrants for those Canadian and Quebec government officials who are promoting the sale of deadly asbestos to poor countries where the death of many people is guaranteed?”

Hate-filled people like Caplan attract hate-filled followers and the newspapers seem to love it. Although the Globe’s comment section forbids “personal attacks, offensive language and unsubstantiated allegations” and everyone must register to post a comment, it is filled with more than its normal share of lunacy and fanatics:

que sera sera – “Dead Canadians don’t bother Harper; why would dead foreigners?”

5 Responses to “Lefty columnists and the hate-filled people they encourage”

  1. Powell Lucas Says:

    This clown is a perfect representation of all that’s wrong with the leftist twits in this country. There is not a single far out cause he does not espouse so long as it attacks business, industry, the military, and every entrepreneurial endeavor promoted by those who are willing to put their money where there mouths are; unlike all his NDP cohorts who are always willing to someone else’s money where the lefties mouths are.

  2. Bec Says:

    These people drain the human spirit, although they truly believe that they defend it.
    Sadly, these message board that are bombarded with hateful, personal attacks are becoming a big part of the problem, imo. There is no accountability, they egg each other on, pack and attack and it’s the same uneducated, uninformed garbage, all the time.
    Things that are said there would NEVER be first, said and second, tolerated in a human to human face, circumstance.

    I guess what bothers me the most is that the left are so intolerant. They hate everything that challenges their hate.

    I KNOW why I am a Conservative because if I have to, I will reinvent myself to avoid taking from the system. I’m not sure the Left know why they are, LEFT other than they commonly share HATRED for people like me.

    • Jen Says:

      It is callled ‘controll’ the left believe in controlling the ‘free’ will of the people. they(left) feel that without controll they serve no purpose.
      Look what the liberals did to other provinces that needed money.
      Look at how they and their useless cbc ctv etc behave when SUNTV is mentioned-they all panick, say ridiculous things. They are ‘AFRAID’ Bec- all that bravado of theirs lies fear within.
      Bec, in my opinion, the lefties and their media ‘ARE’ the ones being under controll.

  3. JohnR Says:

    Caplan is a Harper hater first, otherwise he would be communicating the actual worldwide problem of asbestos. Not bleating about bringing it to an already discredited ICC. After all Canada is not even in the top 5 list of producers of asbestos anymore. Mexico is the USA’s sole provider. Russia, Kazakhstan, China etc all manage to escape Gerald Caplan’s eyeful of integrity. As planned.

    Read more at http://www.mesothel.com/asbestos-cancer/legislation/ban-asbestos/castleman_not_banned.htm

  4. real conservative Says:

    First of all, asbestos is used in a lot of products, many of which are not dangerous to most people. One example is brake pads for vehicles. Linings for boilers etc. If used properly and removed safely they are not a hazard to the population. The problem in the past is that asbestos was not used properly and used in places where people could come in contact with the substance frequently. The real problem here is that foreign countries are not controlling the substance as they should, much like smoking and drinking has come under controls here also.

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