Iggy’s disdain for “career politicians” gets media attention

Norma Greenaway of the Ottawa Citizen noticed one of Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff’s hypocrisies in his latest video that attempts to paint him as Joe Canada:

“Don’t ever, however, get him mixed up with career politicians, Ignatieff advises. Save that apparently bloodthirsty label for his Conservative and NDP counterparts.

“Mr. Harper has done nothing but be a career politician all his life. Jack Layton has been a career politician all his life,” he says in the short video. “I’m not a career politician.”

Never mind, it seems, that Ignatieff hails from a party whose elected ranks have been populated by many career politicians, including about a dozen in the current caucus.

Some, such as former prime minister Jean Chrétien, first elected in 1963 at the age of 29, and current MPs Bob Rae and Ralph Goodale, whose first electoral victories go back to the 1970s, have proven outstanding in the field of hardball politics.” (see here)

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