Oh, come on…Kinsella on Sun TV??!!

Sun TV promised us to do things different but as soon as Kory Teneycke was out of the picture, they fall back into the same old, same old.

Warren Kinsella is not only writing a column, he is saying that he will be part of the TV production when it is up and running.

How is Sun TV giving Canadians something different by dusting off a self-promoting, lefty strategist who hasn’t won a political battle in almost a decade? (see here)

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  1. hollinm Says:

    I am prepared to reserve judgement as to the rationale for bringing Kinsella on board. On the surface it is mind boggling. I want a Conservative bent to the new TV station. More Liberal propaganda we do not need in this country. Kinsella would be a better fit at the Red Star.

  2. Adrian Says:

    God forbid they hire genuine conservative voices. No. They go Jerry Springer. Classy.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Exactly…there are many qualified political voices out there besides the same old batch of washed-up has-beens.

      • john Says:

        Absolutely. If it weren’t for left wing MSM “mercy jobs” this guy might have go earn a living doing (oh gee I don’t know) maybe – REAL WORK.

  3. Jen Says:

    Now you watch CBC CTV CHRTC open the doors to welcome their kinfolk.

    But on the other hand Sun TV unlike CBC CTV plan to be diverse in the opinion, not only liberalism will be heard but conservatism as well.

    Yet, so far, there are more liberals running SunTV than Conservatives.
    On the other hand, Warren may do the unthinkable.
    In the meantime, I continue to watch FOX USA.

  4. NO QUARTER Says:

    Well, at least with Kinsella on board, SunTV can really lay an honest claim to be inclusive, unlike the current MSM which we all know is left-wing, and biased, but raises weak arguments if any at all in support of Conservative views. Kinda reminds me of a few years ago when Tequila Sheila was writing columns for the Sun.

  5. Annony Moose Says:

    Maybe it’s cos they want to be ‘fair and balanced’, they have to have at least one Liberal on there, sorta like Alan Combs on Hannity.

  6. antfrm Says:

    a huge mistake it would seem – Kinsella is the arch nemesis of truth and honesty. – perhaps he is being used as a foil, to expose the absolute dishonesty and entitlist behaviour of the old Lieberal brand, but extreme caution must be used when he is in the water. A safe bet he will cede sometime in the future, and offer his later spin on all he learned as an insider. He likely thinks this is a good way to resurrect his reputation after his many recent failures, but tossing this liar under the bus is a better option.

  7. bocanut Says:

    Maybe they’ll have him screeching 3 chord punk ditties with his geezer band “**** For Brains”and call it comedy entertainment.

  8. JDot Says:

    Meh, Kinsella is a good hire. If you going to hire a Lib I would rather it be him…

  9. JDot Says:

    Oh, ya, if Kory is not hire on again this whole venture is suspect IMHO..

  10. Rob C Says:

    Every village needs an idiot. It looks like Sun TV just hired theirs.

  11. Alberta Bob Says:

    I will wait and see before judging. To present a balanced show, lefties will be required.

  12. Peter B Says:

    The death knell for the Rossi campaign was sounded when Warren Kinsella came aboard and a few silly gimmicks were employed. Warren Kinsella doesn’t command much respect with ordinary voters and he is losing it with Liberals as well. Most of his stuff is just pure juvenile trash.
    So I began to question the Rossi candidacy when he brought Kinsella aboard myself and he lost my vote in that move – there must have been a lot of others who felt the same way because the Rossi numbers went into free fall with Kinsella aboard.

  13. Stan Says:

    Fox used Coombs and Hannity to good effect.

  14. Stan Says:

    Kinsella might make a good punching bag for Ezra and Adler.
    I have no use of Kinsella, but this might not be a bad idea at all.

  15. real conservative Says:

    More proof needed: Sun chain/QMI are Liberals in disguise? I mean if they hired Warren for target practice then fine but other wise who is going to want to watch this? Even Liberals will think it is watered down Liberalism when they can watch full strength on Global, CTV, CBC, hell all the rest of them. If the idea is to destroy Kinsella as a kinda Liberal sacrifice for all to see then I like it, otherwise nah.

  16. alex Says:

    -Adds credibility if you ask me. Even FOX has Geraldo Rivera. Everyone loves a leftard stooge.

  17. wilson Says:

    Yah can’t have honest debate if the debate is one sided.

    We get that from Craig Oliver and Jane Taber with guests like Jim Travers and Susan Delacourt.

    Kinsella is a wealth of political knowledge.
    And there is always something to be learned from the ‘other side’.

    • BC Blue Says:

      I’m not talking about making it a one-sided debate…I’m talking about why Kinsella is that voice. There are many “progressives” that would be much more deserving than him to represent that side of the spectrum.

      • Peter B Says:

        Agreed. Rally the guy had a minute of fame when involved with Chretien but his accomplishments are nothing. His blog did not accept any comments he didn’t like – so much for free speech from this Liberal?
        Remembered mainly for his high school antics.

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  20. John Says:

    According to Well´s book, the much credited WK even ripped off the Barney thing from a female Liberal strategist while allowing himself to take credit. Surprise surprise.

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