NP Ivison calls Ministers “blockheads”

If John Ivison of the National Post wants to throw out random insults such as:

“…when you consider some of the blockheads in the federal Cabinet earn $228,000 a year”
He should then have the fortitude to name those who he considers idiots. Hiding behind anonymous slander is chicken yellow-journalism. (see here)

5 Responses to “NP Ivison calls Ministers “blockheads””

  1. wilson Says:

    Ivison has a superiority complex.
    1. [n] an exaggerated estimate of your own value and importance

  2. Are there any conservatives left Says:

    Wouldn’t it be far easier to just ask him to name the ones that aren’t blockheads?

  3. Ontario Girl Says:

    The private members bill was from Conservative Kelly Block. Guess thats where Ivison got the “Blockhead”comment from? Think maybe Ivison has been the guest at” CBC” too long?? He’s starting to sound like them, with his insults against anything Conservative. Wonder how much his guest appearances at CBC pay him and what they add up to over the years, to agree with them, and smear the Govt?Looking at Ivisons picture, he has the gall to call anyone a “Blockhead”.

  4. John W. Says:

    I thought “blockhead” was a common term, referring to mp’s in Centre Block ?

  5. real conservative Says:

    I’m wondering what Ivison makes a year? Must be a tidy sum I’d say. Does anybody here think he is worth it? I don’t.

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