NDP MP Don Davies and the Underground Railroad laugher

In a stunningly stupid comparison to today’s human smuggling organizations, we have this gem from NDP MP Don Davies:

“When we were bringing blacks from the South, north to safety in Canada, is that what we consider human smuggling?  Or is that helping refugees leave places where they face persecution to get to places of safety” (see here)


2 Responses to “NDP MP Don Davies and the Underground Railroad laugher”

  1. Mary T Says:

    There is no comparison as these slaves were not coming here to kill us and blow us up. Secondly, no one was paid thousands of dollars to bring them here, and those that arrived safely had not paid any money.
    And they did not get welfare, health care, they worked for what they got and appreciated it.
    What an absolutely stupid thing to say, but he is an NDPer so it is expected.

  2. old white guy Says:

    i swear my fellow canadians are becoming dumder evry day

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