My man-crush for Mad Max just got stronger

Which other elected official has the fortitude to publicly say this about Quebec government?

“For 50 years we have had a big, fat interventionist government in Quebec at the provincial level, and I think people are fed up with that” (see here)

Wonder if he might be willing to move here to BC?

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  1. JDot Says:

    “Max, You complete me”..

  2. old white guy Says:

    move wherever you want. canada is still a socialist country. we are still less free today than we were fifty years ago. canadians, stupid socialists all. who the hell else would allow their hard earned money to be given to every idiot who says they want it. our government has grown under every party. not one has ever reduced the size or cost of government.

  3. john Says:

    I have heard before how wonderful Mr. Bernier is.

    Now if this is somehow a set up for Bernier leadership bid, my answer is NO.

    I have stated before I am sick and tired of Canada being unilaterally ruled by leaders from Quebec.

    We have had 40 almost continuous rule by Quebecers. Enough. Quebec rulers have absolutely no understanding or consideration of other parts of the country.

    The only time Quebec leaders even acknowledge that other parts of the country exist is when they are considering how to use them to get elected or how they can best serve Quebec’s interest.

    Now, course there will be the usual bleating of “Tribalism” by the Power-at-any-Cost crowd.

    Who cares?

    The word Tribalism is simply another way of use the age old “RACISM” slur to intimidate and silence opposition. Since RACISM is losing it’s effectiveness another single word slur must be invented.

    The country needs a break from Quebec obsessed rulers – enough.

    Bernier? Idon’t care if you can part the sea and cure cancer – get lost.

  4. old Lori Says:

    Have to disagree with you John.

    The only tribe I care about is the tribe of people that realize that excessive government intervention and nanny-speech-controlling-child-brainwashing-state is a cancer that has to be destroyed.

    So far, Bernier seems to belong to that tribe. He would have my vote in a CPC leadership convention. Whether he is electable is not clear to me, but I believe it’s worth a try.

  5. cantuc Says:

    Being from Quebec , he isn’t viewed as an outsider , picking on , humiliating, villifying , or otherwise being a racist anglo-saxon cachon.

    • john Says:

      And as we all know the only important factor in a PM is what Quebec thinks of him.

      Hey kids! Let the guy from the west do all the heavey lifting to get the CPC in 24 Sussex. Then give him the boot so a Quebecer can take over and run the show. – “nice”.

      The CPC is getting to be more and more disgusting by the day.

  6. real conservative Says:

    It doesn’t get better than that. ;>}

  7. john Says:

    Thanks for calling me a bigot. But then that is basically what I referred to above.

    Maxime Berneir’s policies are fine. Enough with the leaders from Quebec. When we have leaders from Quebec they automatically have a Quebec centered approach to NATIONAL problems.

    Guess what!? There are several million people in this country who are NOT from Qubec and maybe they would like a leader who is from some other part of the country. Or are all Canadians to believe that ONLY QUBECERS have a national vision?

    You haven’t answered my question as to why we must CONSTANTLY have leaders from Quebec?

    If Quebecers are so loyal and so enamoured with the concept of confederation then they should have no problem following a leader from the prairies, from Ontario, from Atlantic Canada or even the Arctic. But that really isn’t the case is it?

    And you call ME! an bigot.

    Screw this blog.

  8. RJ Says:

    John, (if you are still reading) don’t you know the rules of political decision in this country?

    If you stand up for the ideal of majority rules them you are democratic.

    If you stand up for the principle that that an overindulged minority cannot impose its will upon the majority then you are a civil libertarian.

    Except when that minority are members of certain “approved” groups.

    Those groups are: Quebecers, natives, immigrants, more Quebecers, gays and lesbians, and of course even more Quebecers.

    The will of these groups must always be respected and appeased and this goal trumps all others.

    Anyone who disagrees with this is a: Bigot, Racist, Homophobe, Tribalist, Regionalist, Klansman, sexist ect, ect, – you get the idea.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Complaining about a politician from Quebec only because he is from Quebec is bigoted regionalism no matter how hard you try to dress it up and play the victim.

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