NDP’s Mulcair should apologize for stimulus accusations

Prior to Auditor General Sheila Fraser’s economic-stimulus program report, NDP MP Thomas Mulcair had this to say:

“When the Liberals were faced with a real national unity crisis in the wake of the near-death experience we all went through in the 1995 referendum they convinced themselves that the normal rules don’t apply, the emergency is too great, and we got the sponsorship scandal”

“The Conservatives, looking at a real worldwide economic crisis, said the danger is too great, the normal rules don’t apply and they went ahead with their so-called infrastructure spending. What we’re going to learn probably from Sheila Fraser is that the normal rules were being bent.”

“I have a feeling they’re going to get their butts kicked on Tuesday”

Will Mulcair publicly eat a plate of crow now that Fraser’s report (see here) found nothing odious? Will Mark Kennedy from Postmedia go back and re-interview him?

Chretien the one to blame for Khadr

Norman Spector writes that those in the media who are sympathetic Omar Khadr and blame his father for raising a terrorist should remember Liberal PM Jean Chretien’s role.

Chretien asked for Ahmed Said Khadr to be sprung from jail from charges of financing the bombing of the Egyptian embassy in Islamabad.

Just don’t hold your breath waiting for that little historical record to be included in their fawning stories. (see here)

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