CBC’s Solomon issues “clarification” for Green’s May

This seemed very odd that Evan Solomon from CBC’s Power and Politics would write this on the Inside Politics blog right after Elizabeth’s Mays appearance with Ezra Levant:

Further to Power & Politics’ segment with Elizabeth May and Ezra Levant on the tailings ponds and the oil sands, the federal Green Party leader sent us the following statement:

“A number of outrageous statements were made by Mr. Levant. Please allow me to clarify that being vegetarian is a personal choice. As party leader I am very concerned that local growers of meat and poultry products are supported. Alleging that concern for the violation of environmental laws implies a lack of concern for human rights is sophistry taken to levels of obscenity. As for his claim that more ducks are killed by wind energy in Canada than by oil, ducks are rarely impacted by wind turbines. Birds overall are much more often killed by urban high rises during migration period. Wind turbines on average kill 1 to 2 birds a year according to Canadian Wind Energy Association.”

What is the RCMP “ethnic liaison office” doing exactly?

Found on the RCMP website:

“In 2005, RCMP created the Division Diversity Liaison Officer. This member acts as a liaison/ facilitator between the different ethnic groups and the operational personnel across the province. In addition, this position provides the organization with the opportunity to further one of the key commitments to our communities: becoming more culturally sensitive.”

My antenna went up this past summer when after the arrest of 4 people in a terrorist plot, the CBC reported that:

“The chair of the RCMP Cultural Diversity Committee said in light of the arrests, police wanted to see if the community had any concerns.

“It’s just to open the lines of communication within the communities, to dispel any rumours,” said Cpl. Wayne Russett, the RCMP’s aboriginal and ethnic liaison officer in Ottawa.”

Today, Brian Lilley is reporting that:

“The RCMP’s “ethnic liaison office” was promoting the event to members of the national force and one of the participants is a member of the Mounties’ cultural diversity committee. On Wednesday, Public Safety Minister Vic Toews told the Mounties to have nothing to do with events promoting hatred”

So what was the RCMP doing promoting an event that featured groups that are anti-Semitic and people who are close to Iran’s regime?

Once again it was RCMP member Wayne Russett who signed off on this and why does he still have a job? (see here)

Also: Note it is the Green Party who is organizing this event (see here)

Hah! Ford bad for Conservatives reports Delacourt

Susan Delacourt  somehow thinks reporting the Liberal spin that Rob Ford’s Toronto mayoral win is bad for the Conservatives is legitimate journalism.

A responsible reporter/columnist should laugh out loud when given such obvious tall tales, but sadly Delacourt continues her history of regurgitating Liberal talking points regardless how asinine. (see here)

Delacourt hoping for another biography deal?

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