Finally the word “police” is being used in MP rent scam

It’s always stunning when you agree with NDP MP Pat Martin who is asking why the police weren’t called in to investigate two Liberal MPs who broke rental expense rules.

Conservative MP Gordon O’Connor answers to what is going on are an embarrassment to a government who says that they are being open and transparent but Liberal MP Marlene Jennings’ (a lawyer) analogy is shameful.

“Most of the time with employers, they will simply request that an employee correct it, point out the rule, and say no, in fact you’re not entitled to this. The employee corrects it and then there’s a watch put on to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

Anyone want to try to convince me that the fix isn’t in and that these MPs are covering for each other regardless if fraud is involved? (see here)


Don Martin defends “party insiders” based potash story

Don Martin of the National Post thinks nothing of using anonymous sources in a column on the sale of Potash Corp. Martin doesn’t care if this type of journalism affects stock investors but you would think his bosses sure would.

“All I said in the column, based on two in-the-loop sources who have never lied to me before”

That’s great standards Don… (see here)

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