NP Don Martin likes Prentice as leader

Jim Prentice may make a future run at the Conservative leadership after filling his pockets at his plum CIBC gig but getting a favourable write-up from Martin isn’t gonna help one bit.

Martin’s endorsement, if anything, is the kiss-of-death for any Conservative Party leader hopeful. (see here)

Update: The kisses-of-death keep on coming for Prentice here and here

Gag inducing Globe editorial on Campbell

This editorial explains the soft coverage that BC Liberal premier Gordon Campbell received over the years. Was this seriously written by someone who is assigned to BC?

“he will be judged as one of the great premiers of British Columbia”

“Mr. Campbell also showed an admirable capacity to change his own beliefs.”

and all that corruption that went on was just part of the “legacies of BC political life” (see here)



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