MADD the prohibitionists aided by government and police

MADD is clearly turned into a prohibitionist association no matter what their spokespeople say. It’s always just a matter of time before good organizations such as these are taken over fanatics that twist the original mandate to suit their own purposes.

This “charity” is like so many others that have staff and management to pay, they have to expand to feed themselves and create new causes to justify their existence.

Examples of MADD’s muscle flexing just in the last year:

– Durham Police ticketing pub patrons waiting for their DD rides on the sidewalk here

– Random breath tests being pushed by Minister Rob Nicholson here

– Booze labels bill from PC MLA here

– BC’s new laws that expand police powers here

Also: Check out the Sun’s editorial titled Have they gone MADD here


And so begins the Globe’s push for their BC Liberal leader

If this fawning piece by the Globe and Mail’s Mark Hume doesn’t make your Saturday breakfast rise, nothing will. The Globe has officially picked its personal media darling in the race to replace Gordon Campbell and isn’t even trying to be subtle about it.

“She is unscripted, unguarded – and unlike any politician in British Columbia.

That, plus the fact that she just might be the best mayor in the world, is the reason Dianne Watts has risen to the top of the list of likely successors to Gordon Campbell.”

and to back up Hume’s admiration, he quotes posts off her website:

“She has taken a struggling town and transformed it into a beautiful new city,” writes Justin F.

Now, that sure is some professional journalism there huh? (see here)


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