Kinsella whining about Gomery

Mr Political Truth himself,  Warren Kinsella wants everyone to know how he soooo detests the politics involved in sacred government institutes such as public inquiries.

It’s completely baffling how the Ottawa Sun could think that Kinsella’s continued crying about how unfair the Commission of Inquiry into the Sponsorship Program was against his beloved former boss Jean Chretien is, in anyway newsworthy.

Such witty prose:

– “Gomery Pyle Commission”

– “John Gomery the Westmount hobby farmer”

– “who never met a microphone he didn’t like”

My favourite though is this retch-inducing line:

– “Truly, all that they are really doing is further eroding peoples’ faith in democracy”

Does Kinsella actually believe what he writes? Do the editors at the Sun? I’ll be willing to bet that except for one “Little Guy”, no one else does. (see here)

Also: See my earlier post on Sun hiring Kinsella here


Silver spoon socialist Chow gets uppity about expenses

NDP MP Olivia Chow doesn’t like getting asked about how much taxpayers’ money she and her other half, Jack Layton, burn through:

“It’s within the law,” Chow snapped when asked why they both bill for accommodation while in Ottawa

“What about them [Cons Doug and Diane Finley]? Are you going to look at their expenses?”

Funny how touchy socialists get when confronted with evidence that their own lifestyles don’t exactly match the “working-family” schtick that comes so easily from their mouths. (see here)

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