Huh? 5 of 10 most lobbied MPs are Liberal

Can someone explain to a dumb guy like me why 5 Liberal opposition MPs made the top 10 list of most lobbied MPs in 2010?

Why would a Liberal MP John McCallum be tied with a Conservative MP for the top spot? (see here)

Kinsella blames Conservatives for “dragging” family into political foray

Warren Kinsella, with crocodile tears in eyes whined yesterday (see here) about the unfair treatment of his beloved former boss Jean Chretien but today thinks focusing political attacks on Ontario PC leader Tim Hudak’s wife is all the PC’s fault for using the Hudak family in a commercial.

Kinsella lamely hides behind “does not support broadening electioneering to include family members” as he adds “They put her in commercials, so they’re kind of putting her out there”.

So, according to Kinsella, any ad featuring a politician’s family automatically makes them fair game.

The Sun newspaper brainiac who hired Kinsella must be so very proud of that decision right about now. Curious if anybody has the name of that Sun brainiac? (see story here)

Update: Kinsella is now denying his attributed quotes and is bashing the reporter on his blog here h/t Phantom Observer

Writers’ Union member blatantly lies about Sun TV published in Guardian

BC writer Michael Elcock obviously thinks that it’s OK to completely falsify a story as long as it attacks Rupert Murdoch and the conservative leaning Canadian media.

– “Rupert Murdoch’s attempt to establish a US-style, rightwing “Fox News North” in Canada – to be called Sun TV News – has been halted for the moment”

– “Further controversy arose when it became known that Kory Teneycke, the prime minister Stephen Harper’s director of communications, had quit his post to become head of the Sun TV bid”

– “But the nail in the bid’s coffin probably came with Avaaz’s request to the Mounties for a criminal investigation into a dirty tricks campaign that emanated from inside Sun TV”

I wonder if Elcock’s membership in the Writers’ Union of Canada covers legal fees for slander lawsuits? Also, notice the Canadian Heritage and the Ontario Arts Council logos featured on the Union’s website. (see article here)

Update: The Guardian sent out a “correction” but still hasn’t changed any of the lies on its website here

Update: The police won’t be doing an investigation into AVAAZ’s ridiculous complaint much to the chagrin of Kady I’m sure (see here)

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