Miller embarrasses himself and Toronto with Remembrance Day speech

Toronto mayor David Miller showed disgusting disrespect to the veterans with his anti-war blather during the Remembrance Day ceremonies. Truly a classless end to his term.

“The reality is that the depravity of war continues today”

“I’m reminded of the words President Jimmy Carter spoke in 2002 while accepting the Nobel Peace Prize: He said war may sometimes be a necessary evil. But no matter how necessary, it is always an evil, never a good. We will not learn how to live together in peace by killing each other’s children.”

Check out Joe Warmington’s run-down on it here


5 Liberal MPs visit with terrorist group in France

Not only did Liberal MPs Raymonde Folco, Carolyn Bennet, Rob Oliphant, Andrew Telegdi and Tom Wappel meet with the designated terrorist group Mojahedin e Khalq, their travel costs to France was included.

“Bennett said she knows the group has a checkered past but that she will take them at their word when they say they want to bring democracy to Iran.”

This is just too stunning for words… (see here)

Even CBC’s Kady thinks EKOS latest poll is a joke

Seriously, the CBC (meaning us taxpayers) actually pays for this ridiculous polling data that is now showing a tie between the Conservatives and Liberals?

Atlantic Canada
NDP: 44.5 (+28.1)
Liberals: 30.6 (-6.7)
Conservatives: 17.0 (-17.0)
Green: 7.3 (-3.0)
Other: 0.6 (-1.4)

Conservatives: 39.4 (-3.0)
NDP: 29.3 (+16.9)
Liberals: 19.1 (-5.9)
Green: 11.5 (-1.5)
Other: 0.7 (-5.4)

British Columbia
Liberals: 30.3 (+12.1)
Conservatives: 28.2 (-3.1)
NDP: 20.6 (-6.0)
Green: 16.5 (-3.6)
Other: 4.5 (+1.7)

I mean, come on… 28% and 17% upswings for the NDP in the Atlantic provinces and Manitoba/Sask and a 12% increase in BC where the Liberal brand has been beaten to death by Campbell??!! (see here)

Update: Taber at the Globe doesn’t question this ridiculous poll and wonders if Iffy and Jack will push for an election based on it here

Funny how this pro-HST document gets to the Globe

Call me a cynic, but the timing of a “sky-is-falling” $5 billion deficit projection from a government document the day after Elections BC releases the proposed HST referendum question smells more than just a tad.

Mr Zero Credibility, Liberal finance minister Colin Hansen “stands by the analysis” (no breakdown included of course) but is quoted saying it wasn’t released so the public wouldn’t be influenced in the upcoming referendum. Oh please…(see here)

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