Delicious irony (and blessing) of “human rights” defender getting sued in Tribunal

The human rights case of ex-NDP MP candidate and failed law dean applicant Emily Carasco would be hilarious if it wasn’t so ridiculous but it also has an ironical benefit to us that want the legal powers of these tribunals either reduced or eliminated. These types of complaints will help this cause faster than any other method.

Carasco is suing the University of Windsor for “injury of dignity” after she was eliminated for the position of Dean on charges of plagiarism. The irony of all this is that she is suing the “hate speech expert” and Human Rights Tribunal defender Richard Moon.

The Human Rights industry’s best known critic, Ezra Levant, argues against using their own tactics against themselves but that’s where Ezra and I differ. Ezra disagreed with my filed complaint on the Kenny vs Spenny “Jesus Sucks” stunt (ya, that was me see here). Ezra even included my case in his massively successful book Shakedown (see here).

My feeling is that the more light you shine on these human rights tribunals  the less support they will garner from the public and through them, the politicians.

Added to this, people like Richard Moon are now getting a taste of his own medicine which I’ll guess when it comes to sticking up for these corrupt quasi-judicial organizations next time, he won’t be so willing. (see article here)

Iffy and his “Open Mike” locations

Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff is gracing us here in BC with his visit to push for a $1B home-care program paid for by taxing corporations. Forget about the argument of how job creation would help families in the long-run, I’m perplexed with Iffy’s continued locales of his “town hall” styled meetings.

These events are twisted by all parties as they were meant to be held in venues where you actually get a cross-section of the local population attending to push policies and prepare the leader for stumping and this leader preparation is where the Liberals are going to fail badly come election time.

“Ignatieff is scheduled to speak at an open mike town hall with Richmond High School students at 10 a.m. Friday, followed by a town hall at Claremont Secondary in Saanich on Saturday at 12:30 p.m.”

Thinking that this somehow gets Iffy ready for the upcoming campaign trail, the Liberals are going to be in for a big shock when he won’t be able to do this on the campaign trail. Iffy obviously hasn’t gotten past being comfortable outside his lecturer’s role and the Liberal brainiacs are not doing him any favours by continuing to coddle this insecurity. (see here)

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