Green nutbar May equates oil industry to dope dealer

Ezra Levant and Elizabeth May once again went head-to-head debating Canada’s oil industry and I’m guessing Levant absolutely wiped the floor with May.

“May said that’s like saying Canada should promote child labour because the country can regulate it better than other countries, or saying you’re looking for the most ethical cocaine dealer”

In May’s fanatical little world, our oil industry is exactly the same as a murdering and slavery. This is from a national political party leader for goodness sakes. (see here)

Fantino’s Liberal BFF taking break-up hard

Vaughan Liberal MPP Greg Sorbara is hurt and he wants everyone to know about how he now feels about his Ex, Julian Fantino.

“So, I was surprised indeed that so soon after completing his work for the provincial Liberal government, that he would cast his lot with a party for whom I have so little respect”

“In that sense, I felt somewhat abandoned”

Not to be outdone by Sorbara’s whine, Fantino trashes his old and declares for his new Love:

“Frankly, it’s rhetoric like this that forces a chilling effect on decent people who might consider bringing their valuable experiences to elected office for the good of their community”

“This has reinforced my belief that my decision is a good one — not just for me, but for all residents of Vaughan.

See this lovers’ quarrel here

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