The always “classy” Liberal MP Marlene Jennings

Liberal MP Marlene Jennings “apologizes” for calling Conservative minister Peter MacKay a “slime”:

“In the heat, and the anger, at listening to the minister of national defence make his comments, I called him a slime.”

“Yes, I called the minister of national defence a slime”

“And I wish to unreservedly withdraw my remarks about calling the minister of national defence a slime and offer the minister of national defence my sincere apology for having called him a slime.”

“It was un-parliamentary. I apologize unreservedly.”

You can tell she is soooo sorry by the numbers of times she repeats it like a petulant child.

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Hill Times uses “rumour” from NDP Martin as story basis

For some reason the NDP’s Pat Martin gets away with saying some of the most ridiculous things and the media lap it up.

Today you have The Hill Times running a story by Tim Naumetz (see here) that the Conservatives (sorry, the Harper government) and Bloc “are rumoured to be engaged in a sensitive Pas de Deux that will likely see Québec City win federal funding for a new arena to host the NHL”

NDP’s Martin:

“There’s a rumour that’s gaining traction, the Bloc have struck a deal with Stephen Harper”

Now that we have established that all it takes is a rumour to write a story, I have a few ideas for Naumetz if he’d like to give me a call.

To keep up the yellow journalistic standards at The Hill Times, they also ran this article by Bea Vongdouangchanh and Jessica Bruno titled “Sask Tory MPs lobbied feds to stop BHP hostile takeover: Sources”.

It’s bad enough that the headline screams something so ludicrous that Conservative MPs “lobby” the government that they are part of, it’s also repeated in the story body.

Curious if Pat Martin was one of these secret “sources” used?

Thankfully this trash is only put out once a week.

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