Winnipeg Free Press got radio DJ fired?

The hits just keep on coming for the Winnipeg Free Press. Earlier today it was this editorial and now we have a conservative Red River College radio DJ who is saying that he was canned after Free Press editor Margo Goodhand contacted the school’s president Stephanie Forsyth.

DJ Marty Gold:

“Ultimately, it comes down to free speech and the college taking marching orders [from the newspaper]”
Graham Thomson, the college’s dean of business and applied arts and a non-voting executive member of the board that canned the show:
“As I understand it, the president did get a communication from the Free Press,”

“There were some concerns about Marty having taken shots at the Free Press … I believe that the concern about the show was voiced by the president to one of our vice-presidents who is on the board.” (see story here)

Iffy asked to explain “fair fight” regarding Filipinos

Michael Ignatieff showed in a Winnipeg by-election some of what is in store for the Liberals in the next election.

In answer to a question about the Conservative candidate (Julie Javier) who is of Filipino heritage, Iffy accused the Cons of fighting dirty by running a Filipino.

Ignatieff said that the Cons should run “a straight-up fight” and not play “a bunch of games.”

It’s bad enough now, but think about how such condescending statements would play out in a general election with the full force of the national media looking on. (see here)

Update: Original WFP reporter disagrees (see here) with what her paper’s editorial said. Could it be that editorial staff at the Free Press made it up? Say it isn’t so…not like we haven’t seen this before from this rag here, here, here and here.


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