Ex-Conservative national councilor backing Liberal

Ex-Conservative national councilor Byng Giraud has come out of the closet and is now openly supporting George Abbott’s bid to become the next BC Liberal leader (see here).

Giraud rode the financial coattails of Ray Leitch to become one of the first two national councilor members from BC in the newly formed Conservative Party. His term could be described as tepid at best and in my dealings with him, never advocated for those of us in the local ridings but instead did whatever he was told to by the Party brass.

Along with his buddy Bruce Hallsor, (who made speeches to Conservative associations in support of the BC Liberals all the while being the party lawyer for the BC Conservatives) was involved in some 3rd-party spending controversies in Gary Lunn’s election here.

Hallsor is a very good friend and personal lawyer of BC Conservative VP Jeff Bridge.

Giraud was with Earnscliffe Strategy before becoming a mining lobbyist and prominently displays his Conservative/Stephen Harper ties on the company website. Giraud was also front and center at a big-business press conference supporting the BC Liberal HST implementation. The transcript can be found on the BC Liberal government’s website (here).

Least now we are starting to see exactly where these so-called Conservatives’ loyalties lie.


Globe runs headline “Unelected Tory senators”

Funny how all of a sudden Gloria Galloway of the Globe and Mail uses the word “unelected” to describe the Conservative senators who voted to kill
Bill C-311, the Climate Change Accountability Act.

“It is the first time that the unelected Conservative senators have used their near-majority to kill a bill passed by elected politicians.”

Maybe someone can send me where she used the same wording for Liberal senators when they stalled or killed legislation on bills such as tough-on-crime? (see here)

Also: See earlier posts on Galloway’s “reporting” here, here and here

Update: Galloway continues unembarrassed with her narrative here

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