BC Liberals in spectacular melt-down

Has a more explosive press conference ever been held by a fired minister then what Bill Bennett gave us yesterday?

Bennett went absolutely ballistic during his wild tirade on Liberal premier Gordon Campbell.

A list of some of the fun quotes from Bennett include:

“[Campbell] is a very, very intimidating human being and he does have a temper,”
“He does talk to people disrespectfully in caucus. I’ve seen him do it dozens and dozens of times.”
“He was so angry, he got in my face, he actually spit in my face. He is not a nice man.”

“You have almost a battered-wife syndrome inside our cabinet.”

See the CBC video on this here

Liberals can’t even bribe their “volunteers” properly

Desperately trying to get volunteers on the ground for the by-elections, the Liberals are using gifts as an incentive which you’d have to be in Ottawa to use.

Tickets to Ottawa Senators games and a $150 gift certificate to Hy’s Steakhouse, which is THE politicians’ dining establishment in Ottawa, are what are being offered for volunteers in a Manitoba riding? Can someone explain to me how that makes sense?

Wouldn’t actually be prizes for Liberal staffers in Ottawa to get involved now would it? (see here)

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