Backing off anti-HST makes sense now: Liberal leader wannabe is President Restaurant Asc

From CKNW:

“The President of the BC Restaurant and Food Services Association says he’s considering a run for leader of the BC Liberal party.

Ian Tostenson tells CKNW he believes in the BC Liberals, but he says they have strayed,”I’d like to think that directions can be reversed and positions that were held that were perhaps too strong on issues like HST and stuff can be revised.”

He says he’s not sure if that is possible with the current lineup within the party.

He says he expects to make his decision in a week.”

Tostenson is the guy who in July backed off the anti-HST campaign after getting a call from ex-Liberal Rick Thorpe (see here).

Wonder what all those restaurant owners think about their “employee” who is publicly contemplating running for the leadership of a party which is killing their businesses?

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