Naumetz from Hill Times at it again

Last week we were treated to Tim Naumetz from the Hill Times trotting out a rumour from NDP MP Pat Martin as the basis for a story (see here) and Monday we get another gem started with this paragraph:

“Defence Minister Peter MacKay likely floated the idea he may leave government for one of Bay Street’s biggest law firms because he and other prominent Conservatives realize they have slim chances of forming a stable government after the next election, says pollster Frank Graves.”

After this forehead slapping speculation from a source that the Conservatives have publicly denounced as a Liberal shill, Naumetz keeps on this theme using “other Parliament insiders” as sources.

“Other Parliament Hill insiders agree speculation about Mr. MacKay’s possible departure, former environment minister Jim Prentice’s resignation, a trial balloon from B.C. that touted Heritage Minister James Moore (Port Moody-Port Coquitlam, B.C.) as a possible contender for the leadership of the provincial Liberal party, and a trickle of Cabinet aides who have left the government are signals that all is not well under Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s (Calgary Southwest, Alta.) leadership.”

Good grief…are there absolutely no journalistic standards at this rag? (see here)

Also: Naumetz keeps it up with this lame article about (horrors) a PMO staffer volunteering on the Fantino campaign… “it’s not fair” whines Progressive Canadian candidate Dorian Baxter. (see here)


NDP’s Layton demands Gov’t stop “tax-cheats”. Ummm… Jack, they already are

NDP leader Jack Layton was at full-throat demanding the Conservative government target “wealthy tax cheats” and Jane Taber of the Globe and Mail dutifully regurgitates for Layton:

“Mr. Harper cannot keep standing by while the wealthy tax cheats and the biggest corporations … essentially take tax dollars out of the pockets of hard-working Canadians,” the NDP Leader told reporters Tuesday. “It’s not right.” (see here)

Conveniently, Jack and Jane don’t bother to mention that the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) is going after just these sorts already at Credit Suisse (see here)

h/t Alberta Ardvark

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