Iffy says he doesn’t worry about personal liberties

While the rest of the Ottawa Press Gallery were joining Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff in a good chuckle about how often he gets his privates groped, Adam Rawanski noticed alarmingly that Iffy doesn’t care about the loss of Canadian’s personal liberties from invasive screening procedures:

“I’ve long ceased worrying about these issues. We have to keep this country safe, and the people I feel strongly in support of are the hardworking security screeners.”

One thing that Radwanski doesn’t understand is this is exactly how a Liberal thinks. (see here)

Now check out Susan Delacourt here who goes out of her way to chastise people who didn’t get Iffy’s  humour, saying it was all a joke even when the scary part of the quote includes “I’m serious” at the beginning.

Liberal low blow against Fantino aided by Taber at the Globe

Jane Taber doesn’t bother including the full reason Conservative candidate Julian Fantino was absent from an all-candidates’ event.

“Despite the outrage, the Tories had said last week Mr. Fantino would not be able to attend the event because of a family conflict.”

Maybe not enough room in her gossip column after including this lengthy quote from an anonymous Liberal source?:

“Mr. Fantino was out of sight last night, having refused to accept any of the dates offered to him to participate in the local newspaper’s all-candidates debate,” a senior Ignatieff official told The Globe on Wednesday. “It’s a stinging rebuke to all the people of Vaughan who showed up and for him to think he’s above basic democracy and doesn’t need to answer to the citizens he’s running to represent.”

The “family conflict” just happened to be a memorial for his in-laws (see here).

You stay classy Jane…(see gossip column here)

Also: Check out her 2nd part where she dishes on the topic de jour Paradis stolen coat story complete with slanderous comment from NDP MP Pat Martin:

“I think this $5,400 coat was more a part of a kickback than it was, anything to do with losing your garment.”

Come on Paradis, sue this slimeball.



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